Sort A Tool Wrench Tray, Product Review

Sort A Tool Wrench Storage Tray

Sort A Tool Wrench Storage TrayAs a professional auto mechanic, tool storage is very important to me. At work, all of my tools are organized in a way that helps me be neat and efficient. It took me years of fine tuning my tool. I sort tools in the following way:

  • Most frequently used
  • Size order, like a set of wrenches would be
  • Type of tools, wrenches with wrenches, sockets with sockets, and so on
  • By size of the tool, this is based on the size of the drawer they are in.

I have seen tons of different types of tool organizers. Some are great, some are junk, and some are crazy expensive. When the folks at Sort-A-Tool asked me to review their Wrench Sorting Tray, I was honored. So let’s take a closer look at the Wrench Sorting Tray.

About the Wrench Tray
The tray is made from hard black plastic. It can hold up to 28 wrenches. The Wrench tray has a footprint of 13.5″ x 10″ x 1.5″ which means it will fit most tool drawers. Included with the tray are labeling stickers to help you quick identity wrench sizes. One other cool thing is these are made in the USA!

The Pros

  • The hard plastic is durable and easily cleanableSort A Tool Wrench Storage Tray
  • Separations for each wrench
  • Holds a lot of wrenches
  • the spot for small wrenches is raised making it easy to get them out.
  • There are 2 parts trays built in
  • Labels for quick size identification
  • Makes great use of the space
  • It is portable with the wrenches moving
  • Almost impossible to put wrenches in the wrong spot
  • Its small enough to fit in most drawers of most tool boxes
  • It will not scratch up your wrenches

The Cons
Before I talk about the cons I just want to say all the “cons” I talk about are personal feelings. It comes only from the way I store tools. Keep in mind, they may not be an issue for you

  • If you use the labels, metric and standard wrenches are mixed together.
  • It only holds up to a 19mm wrench
  • The “sizing bar” at the top was a little strange to use for me. I asked my wife to take a look at this feature. She liked it saying “it was easy to find the right spot for the wrench”
  • There is limited flexibility in storage

Sort A Tool Wrench Storage Tray

Final Thoughts
I really like this tray! As I said above, any “cons” I wrote about were extremely minor. Almost to the point of nit picking. I think this is one of the better wrench holders I have put my hands on. I usually try and look at a product like this from 2 sides “Is it good for a pro mechanic” and “Is it good for a home toolbox”. I think this tray is great for BOTH! You can get them from Amazon SortATool Wrench Tray, They are also coming out with a socket storage tray later this year. I am excited to see it.

Have questions about this product? Please post them in the comments below. If you have a product you would like reviewed, please use this contact me form. I will be more than happy to provide a honest review of any product.

Sort A Tool Wrench Labels SORTATOOL will get you sorted out! SORTATOOL is a tool sorting and storing product line for professionals and enthusiastic DIY mechanics. The patented wrench sorting and storing tray has been a popular product in the US for over 10 years.  A novel socket sorting & storing tray will be launched around April 2014, and additional sorting and storage solutions for all the other things in tool chests and boxes are in the pipeline.

10 replies
  1. Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell says:

    This seems interesting, the metric/standard thing would drive me bonkers (not that I’m much of a wrench turner these days).

    You would think that we would be at the point (2014) where I could go to a website, type in the tools that I have, and could have an organizer 3D printed to my specifications. I’m guessing that would 4x the price, easy, but a boy can dream 🙂

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      That would be awesome. I really want to get on the 3D printing game. I see such a great opportunity in the auto industry for it. I am thinking about printing tools, tool storage, and small parts that are not made anymore or you have to buy a $600 part to get the $2 plastic arm you need.

  2. Danny Caldwell
    Danny Caldwell says:

    Can someone please help me. My boost starts jumping around really bad when I get to about 8/10pds of boost. I’ve replaced o2 senior,n75,plugs,coil packs fuel filter. I did a sai delete but it ran good for two weeks. Then started all this

  3. Scotty
    Scotty says:

    I’m factory Maintenance. I’ve had these in my box for 15yrs. and I love them. I have 2 in my wrench drawer, one for standard one for metric. this allows me to store 2 of each wrench, and with the trays slid to the front of the drawer the larger wrenches stack behind them.


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