How to Buy Tools as a Gift ~ Podcast Episode 15

Auto Mechainc's Tool Box

After talking about Prepping a car for winter yesterday, I have the holiday season on the brain. Now, this is NOT a holiday show, but I thought it would be a great time to talk about buying tools as a gift. So today on the automotive podcast, we are talking about things to consider when buying tools as gifts. I am also working on a guide to buying tools this holiday season. That will be coming out next week. I assure you, there will be awesome deals.

I am someone that has spent a lot of time researching tools. In addition to that time doing research, I have spent a TON of money on tools. So today’s show it really built on how to buy tools for anyone from the auto enthusiast, to the DIY homeowner. Also remember that gift cards are always awesome, but are not really personal.

On today’s automotive podcast we talk about:Auto mechanic tools

  • Thinking about who we are buying tools for
    • Car person
    • The Pro
    • The Woodworker
    • Electronics person
    • DIY homeowner
  • How to find the perfect tool
  • Buy nice or buy twice
  • Tool count does not equal value
  • What tools to aviod
  • Flames do not equal quality
  • Slam dunk gift ideas (I don’t mean basketball)
  • Less glamorous, but awesome tool ideas
  • MT Knives sharpening video

If you are having trouble viewing here, check out Buying Tools As A Gift on Youtube

As always, your comments and questions are welcome. I love hearing from you guys. If you have a show topic you want you can post it below, or use the contact me form.

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8 replies
  1. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy
    Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy says:

    I have a gator grip socket sitting in my tool box. I think it was my wife’s before I met her. It works pretty good for putting odd shaped things in the house, like hooks and stuff.

    And Patrick’s knife sharpening video is awesome. I am much better at sharpening knives by hand now. Although I still want to get a small belt sander to make it go faster, and to have another toy.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Two of the best tools I have been given are:
    1) Streamlight Stinger DS LED flashlight. Its expensive for a flashlight so many people wouldn’t buy it for themselves. I may even like this one better than my tactical flashlights (although I do love my tactical flashlights).

    2) I also LOVE my Besh Wedge Meyerco bottle opener/neck knife. It opens beer AND you can stab someone in the ribs with it. 🙂 This is an inexpensive gift and I carry it with me when I leave work at night.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    The Snap-On Gift Card makes the perfect gift. Available in $1000.00 denominations. Get two, they’re small. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Doesn’t Snap-On offer a gift card? They will if they read this! Who cares if it lacks personal!
    Shame on you Charles disguising a complete present tool beg as a podcast. Now to get my wife to watch this…Cheers!

  4. Eric Nako
    Eric Nako says:

    I think I could get a high quality flashlight or a pocket knife or a multi-tool for every single gift for the rest of my life and still get super excited for each one. I am especially fond of Kershaw knives and Streamlight flashlights, and I am always adding to my collection (literally just bought a Kershaw Blur this morning: on sale if you’re interested!).

    Thanks for the podcast, Charles!

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      I love streamlight lights. From where I am sitting I can see 4. Lol.

      I have 1 Kershaw knife. Its great. I think my Benchmade had held its edge a little better. But I may have been easier on it.

      That on in the link is very similar to the one I have.

  5. Didmenine Prekyba
    Didmenine Prekyba says:

    Automotive or any other type of tools are definitely a very useful gift for both a Pro and DIY homeowner. For non-professional it can be even more exciting, because there is a chance to present something that a person doesn’t have or even hasn’t seen before. But try to follow “buy nice or buy twice” rule for the best performance.


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