Air Tools VS Electric Tools ~ Podcast Episode 106

As many of you know, I LOVE tools. Thankfully I have a job that allows me to buy the tools I need, and the tools I want. Today we are going to look at whether air tools are better than electric tools. We are specifically talking about battery powered tools on today’s show. Of course when it all boils down to it, it’s up to you. Each of the tools has a place where they win the tool wars!

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Join me today as we fight tools to the death on:

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4 replies
  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    I’ve been using air since the early 60’s. No pro. Just at my home garage. I will say that I may pick up a battery impact soon. It’s just that I don’t use air for the small stuff and there the battery ones work fine. I do use my air tools for running in lag screws and putting down flooring in the house with a big long air line.

  2. Pete
    Pete says:

    Good show…true true a selection of both is preferable no doubt. The small cordless screw guns are a God send for interior and dash work. The cordless manufacturers really need to get the cost down on their batteries if they want to really move some tools. If you can find them check out the IR line of cordless, things are nasty awesome. Just to cover both bases I’m going to get to work on a rechargeable air compressor.

  3. Scott
    Scott says:

    Both have their benefits for sure. I wish the power of the electrics was equal to the pneumatics, that way I wouldn’t have to trip over the air hose all the time. The power to weight benefit definitely goes to air power. However, as I build my home garage, I can definitely see the benefit of not needing an air compressor. I like Pete’s idea of a rechargeable compressor!


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