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  1. Christian Bach
    Christian Bach says:


    I see your site don’t have education section.
    I like to write an article there.
    Topic could be about driving lessons and safe driving. I think that is the topic that is very important to young people who wants to have a car.

    Please let me know if you are interested in publishing my article.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Christian Bach

    • Ted A Tolentino
      Ted A Tolentino says:

      Hello Charles, I don’t know if this is the right place to post a question or if twitter, or regular email would be more appropriate. But let me start with a question. I have a 2002 Passat, 2,8l v6, automatic with about 180K miles on the odometer. Lately, I have experienced hard starting, usually engine starting after 3 or more clicks of the ignition key. And when the engine starts, it will run at a low RPM and then only slowly rev up before settling down to an idle of about 900 rpm. I suspected a fuel pressure problem, and after checking my electrical connections to the wire feed to the pump (fuse, relay, voltage, resistance) I have concluded it is a failed pump. In addition, when placing current to the contacts of the pump (Power probe) I hear no sound to indicate that the pump is working. but before I crack open the ring retainer to remove the pump, is there anything else I should check to be sure it is the pump. I would hate to spend hundreds of dollars on a new pump, only to find the problem was not resolved. Thank you millions, Charles.

  2. rodney
    rodney says:

    I have a laptop with alldata on it and it works. 500 for the laptop.
    or 150 for just the alldata. or I can send you the information you need when you start working on the car.

  3. SteveK
    SteveK says:

    2006 Jetta with 2.5l engine. 115,000 miles. Newer serpentine belt. Started making an intermittent chatter from engine compartment yesterday. Looked under the hood to locate the sound. Appears to come from the area around the alternator. Chatter is in sync with the serpentine belt. The pulley just below the alternator appears to have slight lateral movement that corresponds with the noise. I made appointment with dealer garage to have this repaired tomorrow, but I wanted to run this by you to see if this could be a DIY project. Are special tools needed for this type of repair? Thanks.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Hi Steve,
      Some of those rollers are Diy. I think that one you are talking about requires you to take the engine mount out. Off the top of my head, I am not 100% sure. 🙂

      Those rollers failing are semi-common to fail.

  4. DREW
    DREW says:

    I read your insert in MSN’s 5 ways to avoid overpaying for repairs, and ways shops cheat you. I have worked in Chevrolet dealerships for 7 years now, and in my experience what was said about the tires not needing to be rotated at 5,000 miles was totally incorrect, and misleading to say the least. depending on some peoples driving and braking habits and wheather the veh. is front wheel drive or not, they should be rotated a minimum of every 7,500 miles to extend tire life and by 30,000 miles they should have also been balanced at least once and aligned at about 25-30k.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Drew, I was misquoted in that article.

      The point of what I was saying was to follow the owners manual. I’ll put a post out about it later today. Thanks for the note.

      I have no intention of misleading people.

  5. james_lopez
    james_lopez says:


    I am truly impressed with your blog content, your posts are truly high-quality and you are keeping it fine. I would like to issue my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link.. Please let me know if you are recognizing guest posts and I’m prepared to talk about my content, I promise you with unique, excellence and 100% plagiarism free content. I am looking forward to get your reply.

    Thank You

  6. Preston
    Preston says:

    If you have a car that sounds like it’s going to start but dos not. Is it the distributor but i’m only 12 so i am to sure see i am going to start my own mechanic shop when i move out i know most of the stuff i need to know but … i am stuck on a few things like this i thought it could be the ignition or the distributor ….. got any tips.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      There are several things that can cause a car to sound like it will start, but not start.

      You need to be sure you have spark, fuel, and compression.

      It may be a distributor issue. You can take the distributor off and look for cracks or buildup.

      You also want to be sure the car is getting fuel to the engine.

  7. Big Mo
    Big Mo says:

    I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar with a broken hood release latch. It appears to broken on the release side under the hood. The hood wont release at all. Please help

  8. JJ
    JJ says:

    I watched your video on the Rear Main Seal failure. I am being told by my VW dealer that the seal has failed but my 2018 Jetta only has 28K miles on it. It started to leak the day after they performed an oil change which could just be coincidence but it seems suspicious. Have you seen them fail prematurely on newer cars? Could the dealer be misleading me? It is a major repair like you point out in your video.

  9. Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson says:

    I have a 2010 Passat Wagon with the 2.0T. I replaced the rear main seal. Put in a new transmission last year and now I have ANOTHER issue. I am getting an Oil Pressure Turn OFF ENGINE warning after about 5mins of driving. I have a permanent P0299 code. So I’m thinking it’s the turbo needs to be replaced. Mechanic told me that because the Oil Pressure light comes on and blinks while accelerating, it’s the oil pump and i need a new engine at $5,000. Volkswagen told me it was the turbo sucking in too much oil and I would need to replace it at $3,000. I had to drive on the highway recently and the car was floating pretty above 60 mph. 70, 80 and even at one point 90, No lights, no nothing. But as soon as I go under 60, BEEP BEEP BEEP Oil Pressure light. I don’t want to buy a turbo and it doesn’t work or throw away my engine when I could just replace the oil pump (and I’ve seen some vids where it was done). Do you have any ideas or expertise in such a matter?

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Impossible to say with out looking at the car. but odds are neither are correct. Typically if the oil light is on, and level is good, its debris from the balance shafts that cause it. Or you have a screen in the spool valve blocking oil. Either way, it’s not cheap, and could result in a very sad engine

      • Michael Johnson
        Michael Johnson says:

        Thank you for your response. I changed the spool valve (VVT solenoid) in that car 2 years ago, along with the cam shaft bracket (which had the screen broken and lodged in it). So I never gave it a second thought. However, I did not use OEM for either part to save money. SO, while I REALLY hated this job because some of the bolts were hard to remove, I am willing to go back in and (now that I have the money) install OEM parts and hope that works. Hopefully it’s that and not the balancing shaft. Please don’t let it be that!!!! There is some oil leaking from the turbo, and I still have that P0299 from time to time, but one thing at a time. Thanks for your insight.

  10. Jason P
    Jason P says:

    Hey Charles!,
    I love the content and you’ve given me a lot of helpful tips. I have a VW cc 2012 my first mod is a sigma 6 I loved the video on it! But I need some tips on tunes for my cc which is a gen 1or2 e888? I’ve checked integrated engineerings tune and unitronics but if I wanna do a future stage 2 Will their downpipes fit my car? I’m currently looking on websites to find the fitments but they don’t list them. But I found out some GTI’S have the same gen 1or2 tsi which are listed on the website for integrated but I wanted your insight on the matter! I dont wanna waste your time but I would appreciate it a lot. Have a blessed day.

  11. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hi Charles. I’ve been following you since I bought 2013 Passat TDI a few years ago. Now I got myself a 2020 Passat SEL with 2.0 TSI engine (of course the only option we have unfortunately). I cannot find a lot more info about this engine at all. I looked at the side of the engine and saw DDS on it. Is it the DDSA or DDSB with Budack cycle like in Tiguan? Is it a DI only or PDI like the one sold in EU? Is the turbo setup twin scroll turbo or a normal turbo since I saw 2 separate ports at the exhaust manifold? I really like it so far. I feel like this engine is punchy and have enough power for me for daily driving experience. I miss DSG in a Passat tho. Thank you in advance!!!

  12. peter scott
    peter scott says:

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    I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds
    also? I’m glad to find numerous helpful info here in the submit, we’d like work out
    more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . .

    • Asia Siddique
      Asia Siddique says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It’s great to hear that you found the blog helpful and informative. If you want more tips and strategies, especially regarding car oil changes, auto services, and coupons, check out They have a wealth of resources that could be beneficial. Thanks for reading and engaging!

  13. Bhagwanji Rambhai Madhu
    Bhagwanji Rambhai Madhu says:

    Hi, just watched your utube video on audi fuel injector refit.
    The tool that you used to fit white seal on can you please send the details from where you bought it from as I can’t find any in UK England.
    Thank you.

  14. Jason Mansfield
    Jason Mansfield says:

    I recently started up the car yesterday and had a host of new lights and warnings, such as EPC/Airbag/TPMS/ and a continuously beeping Parking Brake alarm. These all occurred at the same time, which is highly suspect. No drivability issues noted, car ran and drove normal.

    I scanned the car with my Autel MX808 and found the following codes:

    02511 – Passenger occupant detection system control module – No signal/communication
    01578 – Airbag off – indicator lamp, front passenger side – faulty
    -XXXX – Tire Pressure Monitoring Control Module – No Communication

    Other issues:
    — The parking brake warning light will not turn off on dashboard. This means the warning alarm whenever the car is driven above 4 MPH and lasts for about 10 minutes.
    –The ambient temperature display next to the clock near the roof handle does not display.

    I have pulled the parking brake switch and tested – seems OK. I tested the voltage from the connector that feeds the parking brake switch and only measured 2.4 volts. I also measured the voltage at the AC Pressure switch and only found 2.4 Volts feeding the switch. I know this particular switch has read 12 V in the recent past.

    Battery voltage after sitting overnight was at 12.44 Volts.

    Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!


  15. Jarred Sitjar
    Jarred Sitjar says:

    So I have a 2015 GTI and recently I had a little incident where the axle backing plates rubbed a hole onto my trans. So I ordered a used 6-speed dsg trans with the same trans code on it, PUL. Now that everything is in, everything connected and filled with trans fluid, the car doesn’t move at all when put into R or D. I’m I missing something? Do I have to program the TCU? Do I have to do something unique to tell the TCU to connect with the new trans? Any clues/help would be appreciated!

  16. Michael
    Michael says:

    I have been looking up and down on the internet/youtube to find out any information on checking fuses specifically in regards to VW products to no avail… I was wondering if you could do a video discussing the fuse location, fuse size, fuse types etc…?

    Thank you for all the help.

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  18. Zach
    Zach says:

    Hi Charles!

    I’ve been following you for quite some time and have finally decided to rebuild the VR6 in my Corrado after watching some of your White Wookie videos. I’ve seen you featured in quite a few VR6 teardowns and was wondering if you’ve ever used a torque plate while honing a block? I’m having a very difficult time finding someone with a torque plate for a VR6 and figured that if anyone knows about them, it would be you.

    If you haven’t, it would be really cool to see a comparison between two engines that were built in the same way and machined at the same shop with the only difference being the usage of a torque plate during the honing process. Even some basic measurements of the bores with/without a plate to check distortion would be super cool.


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  20. Anesha
    Anesha says:

    I recently had a rack & pinion replaced on my Cadillac Sedan DeVille, after the wrk was done now all of a sudden my there is a oil leak from my engine & oil pan when this wasn’t happening before! What do I do??

  21. James Thomas
    James Thomas says:

    Hello There,

    I hope you’re well and are having an enjoyable day.

    My name is James, and I am a senior editor with a Business, Technology, Home, Lifestyle and more business. I have been browsing through your blog, And have read a number of articles with much interest.

    I would love to be associated with your reputed publication as a guest blogger.

    I believe that with my background and experience I can create engaging and thought-provoking content that’ll entice your visitors into wanting to read more and more!

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in allowing me to contribute to your blog and I will put together a content brief of my proposed piece for you to review.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    James T.

  22. carlos Machado
    carlos Machado says:

    Dear mr Charles, writing from Venezuela, saw a lot of your vids, like to hear your advice on the following problem.
    I have a used 2005 v8 Tuoareg , it has the following fuel trouble:
    1 when i take the car to to gas station to refuel it and open the fuel cap the engine starts to fail suddenly fuel system is poor i think, ending the refuel and couple of minutes later its ok to go, if you shut off the engine it is very dificult to start it up, you have to push the accelarator all the way down and crank it several times till it starts up.
    2. Now i have a new issue, when ridding in a highway if you have a right hand long curve suddenly the accelerator does not work and it loses power till the car is straight then the power goes on again and starts accelerating normally.

    I know that it could be fuel pump damage, but which of the two pumps .?
    Maybe i could change the fuel filter?
    Could it be a wire issue?
    And i am thinking that its more than one problem, jejejeje
    Normally i try to solve my own mecanical problems when i am in the right path and have some mecanical skills, what could be your advice on this trouble, regards from the third world bro!
    Enviado desde mi iPad
    Carlos machado

  23. Dalin
    Dalin says:

    I’m having issues with my 2013 Passat tdi it keeps throwing code p204. I’ve taken it the dealership multiples and they just keep telling me there’s nothing wrong with it then a couple days later it pops back up again. What’s my best option? Where should I start?

  24. Istiak Hossain
    Istiak Hossain says:

    I have a 2007 VW Rabbit 2.5L with 134,000 Miles. I have Almost everything stock in my car except few thing. I have did some mods a little by little cause it costs a lot of money. I am a international student here so it’s tough. So i have 6 speed automatic transmission on the car factory one. I am thinking that is it possible to do a DSG Tranny swap only. I have researched on the internet people says it’s possible with customer ecu from Ecumaster or standalone. Have you ever tried any of the project or something. I am very interested to do that.

    Please help me with these information.

  25. Dan
    Dan says:

    I have a 2012 EOS-
    PCS Tuned
    Cold Air Intake
    Down Pipe

    Question- What are you thoughts on a CAT BACK Exhaust?
    After Market Turbo Upgrade?

    Thank you,

  26. aqib
    aqib says:

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  27. Akins Samson
    Akins Samson says:

    My name is Akins Samson from Nigeria. I have seen some of your videos on youtube and I am highly impressed with the great work which you are doing.
    Please, I have 2007 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T FSI engine and I have been facing some issues with it for more than a year from now. The issue started when I changed the knock sensor and everything was fine throughout that day. The next day on highway the EPC light came up on the dash and engine power was reduced. I scanned the car and found error P0222, P310B and another one which says something about the front catalytic converter. I took it to my mechanic and he said I need to change the throttle body which I did but that didn’t fix the issue.
    I later saw one of your videos where you said something about changing the harness cable and I did just that but that didn’t fix the issue as well. I have traced both the throttle body and pedal wires back to ECM with multimeter and they were all fine because they all showed zero resistance.
    At times, I do get some other codes like P0321 and other codes which are related to both throttle pedal and throttle body.
    Around August last year, I took it to a mechanic who joined one brown wire from the engine/water switch (which is under the brake vacuum pump) with another small brown wire in the same trunk and that fried my ECU. I replaced the ECU and also remove the jumper wire used by that mechanic but things has not been the same since then because I still have the same issue with some other new codes. The other codes are P2127, P0652 and 1314 in electronic parking brake.
    Although P0652, P2127 P0222 and 1314 are intermittent and I always get P0222 whenever I try to move fast and I won’t be able to clear it until I remove throttle body cable and plug it back or have the car parked for a long period.
    I also noticed that while driving, the electronic parking brake error will Just show up on the dash and the EPC light will just follow.
    Would greatly appreciate any help from you on about this ugly which I have been facing for more than a year now.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  28. Big John
    Big John says:

    I have a “whiny” Q5… 2011 Q5 2.0T. Within last 13k miles have replaced timing chain, guides, tensioner, and turbo in periodic maintenance. Recently a light whine has shown up – definitely tracks engine RPM. Sounds a little like a Dremel tool winding up, maybe with a higher pitch. Stethoscope makes me lean toward belt drive, so full belt kit with pulleys and tensioner this weekend. Sound is still there. Listened – turned off A/C and I noticed just a slight sound level change but still there. So, if it IS in the belt driven stuff I’m down to the alternator and the power steering pump (mine is still hydraulic). Before I go diving into more expensive parts trying to see if anyone has experienced this and what it was?

    • Big John
      Big John says:

      OK, follow up. Replaced all tensioners, belt, now the alternator pulley with no effect. Decided to removed the belt and start the engine – STILL THERE. IT’S IN THE ENGINE. I am starting to wonder if one of the timing chain guides might have moved or fractured and is rubbing the chain edge. Seems like I caught a sound like I am hearing on one of your YT videos. I thought a bit about the lower timing chain now, because it is still original.
      I can understand why alot of people ditch these 2.0T cars. This is starting to turn into a Money Pit! Of the Top 5 problems these engines have, I have had all except the low oil pressure. Good Grief!

  29. Jorge
    Jorge says:

    I am going nuts trying the find the location for the Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor on my VW Passat 2009 Komfort.

    According to BlueDriver I am getting the following code: P0016 Crankshaft Position – Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A

    I have found the replacement piece: Part Number: 06H906433 , yet I have not found where is located in the car and my search on Google has not provided me any results either.

    If you can help would be fantastic.

    Thank you

  30. David
    David says:


    Have an 2007 VW Jetta 2.0 Turbo FSI and a recent problem has occured after a standard oil change. The motor starts fine and idles fine, but when driving and you put your foot down to accelerate, the car regularly (but not always) feels as though its slipping/shuddering before it takes off. If you gently accelerate it doesnt seem to do it. Codes throwing are the cylinder 4 misfire code and P0441 code. Ive recently replaced the sparkplugs as well. Vehicle has done 190,000km. Any guidance on what could be the problem would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, David

  31. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Morning Charles
    Avid follower of your YT channel, probably watched all the posted content to date, I am truly grateful for people such as yourself who provide educational content to further your followers expertise in working and modifying our vehicles. I am currently working on a AAA 12V VR6 swap into a Mk2 GTI and I need some machine shop work on both the block and the head of the VR. Would you be so kind as to recommend a machine shop / shops in the Raleigh NC area that you would use or did use for your VR projects? I would appreciate your recommendation, and looking forward to continued content from your YT channel.
    Thanks Charles

  32. David
    David says:

    Hi Charles

    I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the videos you make. I am a VW enthusiast-I have a mk7 Golf Sportwagen and a Mk 7 Jetta. Thank you very much for creating the videos, the site, and everything. I really appreciate it.

  33. Dan O'Shaughnessy
    Dan O'Shaughnessy says:

    Hey Charles!

    So I just found your blog, and should have posted my question to you on here, and not youtube. But I have elderly neighbors, who have a 2011 Jetta Sportwagon TDI, they have generously paid me to work on it. I have done; oil change, brakes, brake flush, (still feels a little soft) glow plugs, and the sensor for the glow plugs. And a few other odds and ends jobs. They are in need of a timing belt, and DPF done ASAP! I have done the timing belt on my 04′ 1.8T Passat Auto, among, because they have a diesel im not 100% confident to help them out with theirs, but they were quoted over $2300 to do it at the dealership. The lady who owns the car, just had spinal fusion surgery, and her husband (who still works as a GC) is a cancer survivor, Viet Nam vet, and may have pancreatic cancer, (they are still testing it to see.) I know I am asking a lot, here but is there anyway you would be willing to come out to Columbia TN, to help me perform this job, in my garage??? If not what all would it take to do a diesel timing belt, and DPF?? I should have all of the tools needed, I would just hate to say yest to this job, but end up breaking their car, I was really wanting to do something nice for them. Thoughts???

    -Dan O’Shaughnessy

    • Dan O'Shaughnessy
      Dan O'Shaughnessy says:

      Update: My neighbor was just gifted a car in a will, so she has sold the TDI, and all its problems along with it to a young eager lad who wrecked his Impreza.

  34. Eric Teegardin
    Eric Teegardin says:

    Hi Charles,

    I’m looking for some advice on my 2016 VW Passat 1.8L TSI with 135,000 miles on it. I just purchased this used car from a private individual and now finding that it uses about 1 quart of oil every 160 miles. Shame on me for not doing my research on this car. The car doesn’t smoke, the engine is super clean and doesn’t make any noise and seams to run great. The previous owner said he did some maintenance and just replaced the water pump, PVC valve and intake gasket. He knew this car had problems and didn’t tell me, and now I am stuck fixing it because I could never sell it to anyone with this issue. I have watched many of your videos and want to try to fix this car myself. I’m not a certified mechanic but no stranger to wrenching and feel that I’m capable. How would you go about diagnosing this issue, and with the amount of miles on this engine what should be replaced from your experience? Any info would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

  35. Mmz
    Mmz says:

    So thankful for the vacuum pump and EVAP pruge valve videos. Now I had a camshaft position sensor that I found a 10 minute process to replace on a 2.5L MK6 Jetta. That code went away but now I have C0300 Rear Propshaft Speed Sensor and P0321 Ignition Engine Speed Input Circuit. Is it related and will it clear up after driving a bit?

  36. Joey Gavelda
    Joey Gavelda says:

    Dear Mr. Charles,

    I have a 2016 VW Jetta 1.8L with 170K miles and burning oil excessively. I have replaced the pcv valve and notice a leak coming from the air side of the turbo. Can you give me any advice?

  37. Aleena
    Aleena says:


    Good day!

    I’d like to inquire about your guest posting opportunities.

    I’d definitely love to submit one for publishing on your site. After reading your guidelines and requirements on “Write For Us” page I would like to write an article from one of the following topic:

    Note: I am a writer myself and you can also suggest me any topic you like

    1) Tips for choosing the best scrap car removal services.

    2) 5 best ways to sell your scrap car.

    3) What are the valuable parts to sell of a scrap car.

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks for your time.

  38. Isaiah
    Isaiah says:

    Hi Charles,
    I was wondering if you can do another video on vcds interface specifically on output test. I’ve been trying to diagnose my mk5 gti crank no start for about 2 months now and I’ve had no luck. I’m at a point to where I might have an answer but I need to output test the fuel pump to be sure. My issue is that the hpfp doesn’t seem to get any fuel, when cranking the fuel pressure is around 1.2 bars instead of 3+ bars of fuel pressure. I believe my problem is something with the low pressure fuel system not connecting with the high pressure fuel system. My gti does have a built motor and is running a gtx2867r turbo with rs4 injectors, so it is possible something went bad but I can’t pin point what. Since I can’t turn the car on I can’t use the basic setting feature on vcds. I really need to get the car running asap since the timing chains are coming due on my Mk4 r32 and I’d rather park it until I can get an appointment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  39. ashlee supasar
    ashlee supasar says:

    hi charles hope u good brother, its ash from South Africa capetown – Big fan and would like to know if you would do a feature on changing a water pump, camshaft pulley and overall service on a 2016 1.2 tsi polo – engine code CJZ and if there are any common problems on these vehicles except what i mentioned. My car is out of warrantee currently and dont want to use the repair shops around here.

    regards Ash

  40. Musa Shahzad
    Musa Shahzad says:


    Hopefully, you and your health are well,

    I have visited your site and I am interested to send you quality content for your site, ( Sent email also)

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  41. Caleb cochran
    Caleb cochran says:

    Hello everyone I had a question I have a 1998 Jetta glx vr6 I keep having this issue when it rains I’m getting water behind the glove box I have no idea why any insight ?

  42. Elyas Rasoli
    Elyas Rasoli says:

    This is Elyas Rasoli from Cash-Cars. Sydney, and I’m dropping you a line to see if you’re accepting new guest bloggers. I recently wrote about [The 6 Modifications That Can Make a Big Impact on the Resale Value of a Car] and thought this article would be a good fit for your audience well.

    The post will be 100% original, written just for your blog, and will not be posted elsewhere. I would appreciate an author bio with a live link back to my site. If you’re interested in this cooperation, please get back to me.
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  43. Elyas Rasoli
    Elyas Rasoli says:

    This is Elyas Rasoli from Cash-Cars. Sydney, and I’m dropping you a line to see if you’re accepting new guest bloggers. I recently wrote about [The 6 Modifications That Can Make a Big Impact on the Resale Value of a Car] and thought this article would be a good fit for your audience well.
    The post will be 100% original, written just for your blog, and will not be posted elsewhere. I would appreciate an author bio with a live link back to my site. If you’re interested in this cooperation, please get back to me.
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  44. Garry Meyer
    Garry Meyer says:

    Hi Charles & our Community. I’ve got an urgent request. My wife’s 2010 GTI with less than 35k miles has developed an unresponsive throttle, especially after braking to a rolling stop, then finding zero response when pressing the accelerator pedal for 1-3 seconds. This can be in situations where there is oncoming traffic in a left turn or other critical exposure situations. Otherwise, the car accelerates normally after this “lag”. This lag doesn’t occur during most driving situations. The car has been very well maintained mostly by me over the 13+ years. This is one thing I hate about “drive by wire” throttles. Can’t even use brakes to keep them dry when going thru our Florida rain floods. I have had the fully subscribed VCDS UDS software since 2011 and I have run all tests applying to throttle adaptation, fuel pressures, or a central electric or ECM faults, all of which check-out. The timing chain offset is only -1.66 degrees, so stretch is minimal. Yes, we need to replace the “H” tensioner, but trying to get to 45k before we get to that major expense. I have even replaced the brake light switch below the master cylinder and used a pigtail light to see if the brake lights were turning off immediately when lifting off the brake and pressing the accel. pedal. I was thinking it might be a slow return of the master cylinder plunger due to a faulty vacuum booster, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I would love to completely bypass the “drive by wire” feature using the VCDS long code so the car could be driven like the old throttle cable days. I have been working on mostly German cars for 50 years!
    Are there any specific tests (Group #’s) I could run in the VCDS to determine a likely cause? Car has had oil changes once a year, has had the BFI oil catch can since 2012, has the Neuspeed intake replaceing the “noise pipe”, has the Neuspeed compressor outlet pipe, and has the newest version of the compressor by-pass valve. The CRC valve cleaner has been used 3 times. The throttle plate is very clean. It has not been “chipped” by any software, yet. i’m at a loss with this dangerous “lag”, but maybe you guys have seen this before and could have an answer.I want to avoid our local dealer who would love to “experiment” on replacing the expensive ECM or Central Electric module, etc. and still not cure the issue. I have joined as a Crew Member and look forward to accessing all the good material you have on your site. Thank you in advance for a good solution to this issue. Garry

  45. Guilherme Soares Vargas Xavier
    Guilherme Soares Vargas Xavier says:


    I’ve been watching you and DAP for a long time. Btw… I loved that Jetta series!! I’m looking to swap an engine from a 2013 VW CC VR6. I found a 2013 VR from a Passat and they look the same, but one is CNNA and the other one is CBVD. Are they compatible? I’ll awesome need some upgrades from you store.

  46. Dan M
    Dan M says:

    Hi All,

    I was under my MK6 gti today and was looking at oil coming from the timing cover and covering my oil pan. This I was not surprised to see. I was however wondering what the two empty bolt holes above and a bit to the right of the drain plug, on the block were used for? I tried to post a picture but was not able to get the picture to post. If anyone knows please share.


  47. Claudio
    Claudio says:

    Hi Charles, I have a 2015 golf s 1.8t and it has a rattle coming either from the turbo or the catalytic converter, also heavy smoke coming from tailpipe and a bit from engine bay near the turbo. I put my hand on the wastegate linkage and had some movement and rattle, any help would be great. Thanks.

  48. Un-Dent Inc
    Un-Dent Inc says:

    I’m from Undent Inc., specializing in paintless dent repair in Martin and St. Lucie Counties, FL. We’d love the opportunity to write a guest post for your website. Our content focuses on car dent removal and related services.

    Let us know if you’re interested, and we can discuss details.

  49. AS Clement
    AS Clement says:

    I’d like to activate the door puddle lights for my Scirocco 1.4TSI 2012 model. Can you please give a tutorial of how it’s done using the VCDS? There is a need to change the numbers to allow the lights to be activated but I’m not sure.

    I also changed the head unit to an android player and now I get the following error codes :
    1. 01305 Databus Infortainment : No signal/Communication

    2. 01044 Control Module Incorrectly Coded

    3. 03272 External Audio Source Connection : No signal/Communication

    What can be done to code this correctly so the gateway module can communicate with the new audio head unit?


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