Making And Modifying Custom Tools

At some point every mechanic, will need a custom tool. Whether you are a master technician or an automotive DIYer the perfect tool does not always exist. So we have to either make a tool, or modify an existing tool to fix our car repair needs. Maybe the tool we need is just too expensive. Maybe it doesn’t exist, or maybe you have to be a dealership to get the tool. Whatever the reason, having to make or modify tools is extremely common.

Ever wonder what type of tools I own? Check out:Custom mechanic tools

Join me today as we discus:

  • Why anyone may need a modified tool
  • Custom Power Probe tip
  • Socket modification
  • Custom VW AirBag tool
  • Custom VW wiring repair tools
  • Locking extension modifications
  • Making custom jumper wires
  • Buy bulk alligator clips. 
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Making And Modifying Custom Tools” on YouTube.

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3 replies
  1. Ira Quirke
    Ira Quirke says:

    Hi Charles, I use the key that comes with angle grinders,(to set a disc on the shaft) and a cheap G clamp or mini sash clamp for getting the caliper back on rear wheel brake fixes. I clamp the caliper so that i can press it in by turning the handle, while the grinder key is used to turn the caliper back down. Works really well and real easy too. Cheers, Ira

  2. Bob Young
    Bob Young says:

    Hi Charles twenty five years ago or so before I picked up a set of crows feet I would take my extra box wrenches heat and bend the required degree to remove bolt in hard to reach places. Really enjoy watching you on YouTube Bob.


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