Making And Modifying Custom Tools

Published on February 17, 2016 under Video

At some point every mechanic, will need a custom tool. Whether you are a master technician or an automotive DIYer the perfect tool does not always exist. So we have to either make a tool, or modify an existing tool to fix our car repair needs. Maybe the tool we need is just too expensive. Maybe it doesn’t exist, or maybe you have to be a dealership to get the tool. Whatever the reason, having to make or modify tools is extremely common.

Ever wonder what type of tools I own? Check out:Custom mechanic tools

Join me today as we discus:

  • Why anyone may need a modified tool
  • Custom Power Probe tip
  • Socket modification
  • Custom VW AirBag tool
  • Custom VW wiring repair tools
  • Locking extension modifications
  • Making custom jumper wires
  • Buy bulk alligator clips. 
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Making And Modifying Custom Tools” on YouTube.

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  1. Ira Quirke

    Hi Charles, I use the key that comes with angle grinders,(to set a disc on the shaft) and a cheap G clamp or mini sash clamp for getting the caliper back on rear wheel brake fixes. I clamp the caliper so that i can press it in by turning the handle, while the grinder key is used to turn the caliper back down. Works really well and real easy too. Cheers, Ira

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