Thank you for visiting the Media Page. Here you will find many of the other places that I have done interviews, or been featured. If you want to interview me, just use the Contact Me form. I am happy to provide top level information as well as product reviews.

JOBSTR is a really cool site. It lets readers ask questions of folks in just about any job you can think of. This is my Q+A thread, Humble Mechanic on Jobstr.

Good Housekeeping
I did an interview for Good Housekeeping? Yep, here we talk about appointment etiquette and setting expectations for getting your car serviced. Humble Mechanic at Good Housekeeping magazine

Triangle Tactical
You may be wondering why an auto mechanic would be on a tactical podcast. Well, Luke and I talk about vehicle preps and simple ways to keep your car from breaking down. This was one of my favorite interviews. Humble Mechanic on Triangle Tactical Podcast.

GT Radial “Talkin Tires”
I have done a few guest posts for the folks over at GT Radial Tires. Humble Mechanic on GT Radial Tires.

Amazon Reviews
I LOVE buying things on Amazon. Probably too much. I try and write a review of everything I buy. You can see all my product reviews on Amazon. Humble Mechanic Product reviews on Amazon