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Hello everyone, and welcome!

A little shout out to my good buddy Jason. But seriously welcome to the CrewMember’s Garage. This is the hub for all the goodies that come along with your membership. I have worked very hard to build a program for you learn, save money with awesome discounts, as well as DIY repair videos. Your membership is also vital to helping me continue to make the show better.

Listed below you will find links to all your benefits. Like my personal garage, this will continue to grow! It is my goal to keep growing the benefits for you guys. This program was built to pay you back.

Finally, and most important a truly heartfelt thank you. Thank you for your support, and for believing in the work I do. Thank you for being part of an amazing automotive community. With out your support, the show and the community would not be what we have made it.

Charles aka
Humble Mechanic!


Important Links

Remember this is content and benefits just for you guys. Please do not share the videos and codes. Tell everyone you know just how awesome it is to be a CrewMember, but this stuff is special for you!

  • CrewMember only videos
    These videos are special for you. They include early looks into projects, behind the scenes access, and some videos that may not really fit with the main HumbleMechanic channel.
  • Benefits
    This will take you to all your exclusive discounts. Looking at buying a knife? You need to check out MT Knives. Want to get a discount on the best organized tools out there, well Sonic Tools has you covered. Also you will have the opportunity to save on future Humble Mechanic gear! Keep scrolling to find your discounts!
  • Audi/VW training manual downloads 
    Dollar for dollar this is the biggest benefit! If anyone wanted these books, they would have to attend an 8hr class to the tune of about $355-EACH! You guys get this for free. Remember not to share or post these anywhere. This is just for you.
  • Super Secret FaceBook Group
    You read that right, a special FB group just for CrewMembers. I will be doing a weekly Facebook live session just for you guys. This is where we can have some fun and help each other out, LIVE!
    As I mentioned, I will be working hard to really grow the membership for you. I want this to be the best premium membership you can get. Sorry Costco, I love you too, but CrewMembers are going to win big!



Your Discounts

Listed below are the CrewMember only discounts. These are exclusive discounts just for you. Be sure to look here for new discounts.

Eurowise discount code

The guys at Eurowise have stepped up big time. You may remember my VR6 Cabriolet swap a few years ago. I used their kit for the install and it is awesome. Eurowise is giving you guys 10% off all Eurowise products. Use the discount code “humble” at check out. Click here to visit Eurowise


When you are into VW water cooled cars, BFI is not a foreign name. They have tons of VW and Audi performance and appearance modifications for most water cooled VWs and Audis. It is personally cool to have them offer you guys a discount. They are located about 30 minutes from me. They are offering 10% off all BFI and Maintenance parts for CrewMemebers. Use the discount code “HM52110” at check out. THE BFI CODE WILL CHANGE MONTHLY. Click here to visit BFI.

Sonic Tools Discount code

The folks at Sonic Tools have been a big help in building the White Wookie. They offer just about any tool you could want, and some you didn’t know you wanted. With out Sonic Tools I would have been lugging tools back and forth from work to the shop. I scored you guys 10% off all purchases. Use the discount code “HM111018” for all purchases.  *you will have to create an account to get the code to work. But you need that for warranty replacement anyway. Click here to visit Sonic Tools.

MT knives discount code

Patrick from MT knives is such an awesome dude. He makes some of the coolest custom knives you will ever find. He also has a training series about how to properly sharpen knives. He even sent me a custom Humble Mechanic knife! He was happy to give you guys a 15% discount on everything except limited edition knives. Use the code “humble247” at check out. Click here to visit MY Knives



Vw parts discount

S&P Automotive is a great resource for older VWs. They specialize in all the extra stuff you need for engine swaps, and more. If you need a custom wiring harness built, these are your guys. Swapping a VR6 and don’e want to mess up the harness, they can build it for you. They are hooking you up with a 10% discount. Use the code “humblegrumble17” at check out. Click here to visit S-P Automotive




Paul Danner aka ScannerDanner is an automotive diagnosis wiz! He teaches automotive tech, does mobile diagnosis, and wrote the book on engine performance diag. Literally he wrote a book on it. Paul is hooking you up with 10% off the Ebook! You need to email him for the invoice. Also whitelist in your email. Email Paul at



automotive subscription

You may have seen one of my unboxing videos of PetrolBox. If not, check it out PetrolBox Unboxing. Well the Petrol box is a monthly gift box for car enthusiast. Contents vary but can include T-shirts, tools, stickers, cleaning products and more. They are giving you guys 10% off any level of subscription. Visit PetrolBox and use the code “humble

eastwood discount

When it comes to paint, or refinishing Eastwood is the first place that I go. Their prices are great, and they have everything you could need for your automotive rehab projects. Us this discount code “1VD7102” to get your Eastwood discount.


Adam's Polishes discount code

I think it’s safe to say we all love clean cars. Whether you are bringing it to a car show, have a hot date, or running some errands, clean is better than dirty. When I reached out to Adam’s to see if they would be interested in supporting you guys, they jumped at the chance.

As a CrewMember you get 15% off all purchases. I just bought a bunch of stuff to help get Jenn’s Tiguan and my GTI all fresh for summer! Use the code “CREWMEMBERS” at



Kerma TDI Coupon

I am pumped about this one. The folks at KermaTDI are the go to place for VW Diesel goodies. It doesn’t matter if it’s TDI maintenance or performance Kerma has what you need. They are giving CrewMembers 10% off the engine store! Use the code “kermaHM10” at checkout.


42 Draft Design discount


42 Draft Designs is a manufacturer of high-performance accessories for VW, Audi, Porsche, and BMW vehicles. Their unique product line is intended to enhance performance, increase efficiency, and personalize your street-driven vehicle or dedicated racecar. They have also been a huge help on the GTI, as well as my VR6 Cabriolet. CrewMembers get 15% off the categories listed below.  Use the code “KK16Y8O7K” at The AWESOME folks at 42DD also gave me a 5% off their entire product line, for all the Humble Mechanic community. So if you are buying something not listed below, use the code “Humble5

  • Exhaust systems and custom tips
  • Performance Intakes
  • Catch cans and solutions
  • Wheel spacers and adapters
  • Engine components
  • Transmission components


With the introduction of the R32 project, the guys at USP Motorsports came on board. They were awesome enough to let me borrow the shop to shake down the R32 before driving 800 miles home. They also hooked up some high flow cats, and some dyno time. Not only are they great folks, but they have some awesome stuff for VW and Audi cars. Discounts to below: *NOTE*  due to pricing restrictions and policies, we have to put the following brands as an exclusion in coupons Akrapovic; AWE Tuning;  Burger Motorsports;  COBB;  Neuspeed;  Ross-Tech;  S&B Filters;  SuperPro;  WeatherTech

HUMBLEUSP1 – Get $25 off orders over $250
HUMBLEUSP2 – Get $50 off orders over $450 
HUMBLEUSP3 – Get $100 off orders over $750




Bring on BMP Tuning was something that we have been working on for a while. I am happy to say that it’s finally here. BMP is the partnership of DWS Parts and Blair Auto in Texas. They have loads of VW, Audi and BMW goodies. You can get 5% off the entire store from use the code “CREW5%OFF“. One thing to mention about discounts with BMP, the prices that you get from them are only good from them. Do not ask anyone to match the prices, or they will have to pull the discount.



Tool discount

The folks at are hooking you guys up with a 15% off store wide discount. Use the code “CREW15” at They sell tool brands like Tekton, Ernst, Mize Wire Products, Century, Coast, and more.


Grypmat logo

If you have watched any videos over the last year, you may have seen me using Grypmats. Or many of you have see them on the show Shark Tank. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I have grown to really like these mats. The rad folks at Grypmat came in STRONG with a 30% discount for you guys. This has even applied to sale prices. humble30 is the code



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