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R32 Clutch Upgrade to Hold 500HP

in this video the R32 gets a clutch upgrade. This is a vr6 clutch replacement, so the car doesn’t have to be an R32. Because we are turbo charging the R32, it needs a clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel. We are ditching the dual mass flywheel and installing a single mass flywheel. This clutch […]

VW Golf R 2022 Review ~ The BEST Golf R YET?

The MK8 Golf R will be the best performing Golf R to date. A bold prediction for sure. Today we drive the new MK8 Golf R at Wookies in the Woods. Megan from VWofA answers the biggest Golf R questions on horsepower, pricing, features and more. I also compare the drive of the new MK8 […]

How to Deal With Breaking a Customer’s Car

As a New Technician, or really an experienced one, getting a diagnosis wrong on a car will 100% happen. I don’t care how good a tech is, this will happen. Understanding that you will get some diagnosis wrong is VITAL. It’s also important to learn how to deal with misdiagnosing and how to handle it. […]