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Best Father's Day Gift 2016

Happy Father’s Day It’s that time of year again. Time to find that perfect gift for dad. As a new(ish) father myself, It’s fun to shop for all the cool things I would want my daughter to get for me. She is only a year and a half old, so she needs some help. But hey, we can all use a little help in this department. Buy a gift for Father’s Day can be tricky. So I want to give you guys some ideas to really WOW your dad!

The mindset of buying a gift for dad.
Odds are your dad is a super busy guy, that works hard for the family. Just like mom, he sacrifices more than we give him credit for. So consider getting him something for Father’s Day you all can enjoy. While another tie may be fine, why not give dad a great memory in addition to the newest Steve Harvey tie collection. Now I am not saying you should pull a Homer Simpson, and buy him a Homer bowling ball, but be thinking of things the family can enjoy. Odds are he wants that as much as a new Drone. (Oh, and he REALLY wants a new Drone too)

There are a few fun ideas I would like to pass on. Some of these will depend on your location. So if search around locally, you will find where you can do these fun activities. I highly recommend doing these WITH dad!

  • A day of indoor electric Go-Kart racing.
  • Sporting clays, or skeet shooting
  • Guided fishing tours
  • Lazer tag! (who doesn’t love that)
  • A day at the ball park. Here the sport does’t matter!
  • A trip to the water park

Now that I have given you some fun activities, lets talk gifts. I am going to list my top favorites here. I also make a store on Amazon. Check it out for even more awesome Father’s Day gifts.

Custom KnifeThis is really a one of a kind. Giving dad a custom made knife. Patrick is a true knife craftsman. In addition to these neck knives, he makes other amazing custom knives. From had sharpening, to rare material handles, and even a class on how to properly sharpen knives, you can really hook dad up.

You can buy the Genesis Knife on Amazon. You can only get Patrick’s custom build knives on his website. Check out I personally have the Genesis Knife. It is so much better than any other knife I own.



Best Father's Day Gift 2016If you have followed the blog for any length of time, you know that I love flashlights. This Streamlight Stinger is among my favorites. I have two of them at my house. Heck even Mrs. Humble loves these lights. Mine came with a wall charger, that doubles as a car charger. It even comes with an extra battery.

I have a blue one just like the picture, but you can get it in a few different colors. We have a few techs at the shop that use these lights as their primary light. I can’t recommend this flashlight enough.



Best Father's Day Gift 2016It is probably no secret that dads everyone love clean cars. But finding time to keep the car clean is very challenging. When I find the time, I enjoy washing my car. Well, as long as I don’t find another scratch on it. Having a car care kit makes keeping our cars and trucks clean a little easier. In fact, I am ordering the Scratch remover when I am finished here. The Tiguan suffered a little battle wound.

I have been using Meguiar’s cleaning products since I was washing my first car, a Jeep Wrangler for those that want to know. Meguiar’s has all the right products for all the cleaning needs. We even use it at the dealership on new and used cars.


Best Father's Day Gift 2016Having a good set of tools is important no matter who you are. Having the right tools can also be the difference between doing a job in an hour, or in a weekend. And while buying dad a complete set of Sonic Tools may be out of your budget, think small. Think about getting dad a small tool kit to keep in his car. A ratchet, a few sockets, and a screwdriver may just get him out of a jam. Heck he may even use that to get you out of a jam, THANKS DAD!


Best Father's Day Gift 2016


As a technician, I have hundreds of loose bolts. It would probably take 15 of these bolt organizers, and 2 months to get all of my stuff nice and neat. Good thing is, most dads will not have this issue. Staying organized in the garage is extremely important. It also saves time when looking for the right bolt. It doesn’t matter if you are rebuilding a car, or hanging a picture.




Best Father's Day Gift 2016You know you wouldn’t get a gift list from me without some type of VW gear. I personally own this sweatshirt. It was basically my winter coat last year. It is thin enough to be comfortable in the spring, and to wear under a coat in the winter.

Now, if dad is not a VW fan, that’s cool. If he loves his car, get him something like this. I am often geared up with VW shirt and hat, while driving my VW. VW nerd alert!




Best Father's Day Gift 2016Okay, I am including this Drone for one reason. I want a Drone. So I have to assume that many other dads will want one too. A ton of us guys are gadget junkies. And what is hotter right now than video taken from 100ft up in the air. I have been working hard to justify buying one for myself. Maybe your dad has been too. (this is only partly a wish list)


Best Father's Day Gift 2016Finally I want to finish up with an Amazon Prime account. The big push of Amazon Prime is Two-Day Free Shipping. But I use it for so much more. You get online movie rental, I am watching Star Wars as I write this, free TV shows and movies. Amazon Music has tons of free music for download, and you can make your own station. I have also downloaded a few audio books to pass the time while driving or on airplanes. A year of Amazon Prime is a home run gift for dad!

These are my top gifts. But I also made a Store on Amazon with a ton more awesome things for dad. I hope that you all have a wonderful Father’s Day. For me, it means the world to know my kiddo had as good of a day as I do.