Westling Machine Aluminum Socket Tray Review ~ Video

aluminum socket trayToday I will be reviewing the 1/4″ drive socket tray from WestlingMachine.com . I have been looking for a good quality socket holder for years. Sadly most of the socket holders are plastic and do not seem to hold up well. At least with the abuse that I put them though. I use my 1/4″ drive sockets all the time. That means having a good quality way to store them is vital.

Join me today as we dive into:

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  1. Rika
    Rika says:

    215/65-16 65 is a percentage of the width which is, in this case, 215 (mm). So, a 205/65-16 is at the same time less wide and a lltite lower because 65% of 205 gives you a smaller number for tire wall height. See my drawing no Projeto tire size .


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