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IMG_3518Today we look at how VW door latches fail.This is an issue not just with the Jetta as shown in the video. This is a part that I have replaced all across the brand. Every car in the VW line has had an issue with door latch failures. You may also hear them called “door lock modules”. That is because they are such an important part of the central locking system

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The sponsor of today’s show is Deutsche Auto Parts. They are the VW and Audi parts experts. I know them personally and they are great guys. You see how many sponsors I have. I have high standards for the people I recommend. Paul and the guys fit that bill. Plus they did a MK4 Jetta door latch DIY video. Check them out at

Today we look at:

  • How VW door latches work
  • How VW door latches fail
  • What are the symptoms of VW door latches failing.
  • Most common is “My Jetta door will not lock”.
  • Ways to diagnose VW door latch failures
  • Skill required to replace door latch
  • And more

You might have a failing door latch if:

  • Your VW door will not lock
  • Your VW door will not unlock
  • Your door shows open when it’s closed, or closed when open
  • Cluster doesn’t light up when door is opened. MK5 and up mostly
  • Doors will auto lock all the time
  • Windows do not drop when doors are unlocked (Beetle convertible, EOS, CC)
  • Alarm goes off by itself
  • And more


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Viewer Questions, Podcast Episode 28

Happy Monday everyone. I have an awesome show for you today. I posted on Facebook asking for your questions. It got a huge response. So today on the automotive podcast, I answer all of your questions. If you think this is something you would be interested in me doing more, please let me know. I had a blast doing it.

On today’s automotive podcast, I answer your questions on

  • The DSG transmission as a replacement for a manual transmission
  • Running Bio Diesel in a 2011 Jetta Sportwagon TDI
  • Letting techs borrow tools
  • The VW 2.0t FSI oil burning issues
  • VWs 10k miles service intervals
  • Buying a MK2 Jetta Coupe
  • Moving from Service Express to a main line technician
  • What I like and dislike about the VW MK7
  • Why I choose VW, and why I am an Audi/VW enthusiast
  • Did I forget about Landon? 😉
  • My Thoughts on Rotary engines
  • Turbo or naturally aspirated
  • Replacing engine mounts
  • 91 Cabby burning oil diagnosis
  • Reliability of TDI long term
  • Craft beer
  • Automotive service people’s pet peevs
  • Best engine designs
  • VW history
  • Getting hired as a tech
  • And more

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As always, I love to hear your comments and questions. If you think this is something we should do more, post that in the comments below. If you have an idea for a show topic, use the contact me form.

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How I Would Start As a Mechanic Today

Today on the Automotive podcast, I want to talk about how I would get started as a tech, if I was doing it today. I have talked about how I got started on other shows. But I think that if I was going to do it again, I may take a different approach. The internet has given us a huge opportunity to learn for very little or free. That along with training programs at dealers, makes skipping tech school an interesting option.

Today on the Podcast we chat about:

  • Costs of tech school
  • Time investment of tech school
  • Starting at a Jiffy change type place
  • Starting at a small shop
  • Online Learning
    Engineering Explained
  • Dealership Service Express
    You can start with little time and tool investment
  • Dealership training programs
  • Where Manufacturers lack in training
  • VW’s old training program

If you are having trouble viewing “How I Would Start As a Mechanic Today, Podcast Episode 27“, watch it on Youtube.

2 Questions for everyone:

  1. How would YOU get started if you had to do it again?
  2. If you are early in your career, or in tech school, What would you change?

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Top 5 favorite Mechanics tools

Hey everyone. Today we step out a little from the standard tool reviews. A viewer asked me what some of my favorite tools are. So I figured I would do a quick video of my Top 5 auto mechanic’s tools. I actually did sneak an extra one in there 😉

For a tool to make my list, it either needs to save me time, or save me money. So these 5 are at the top of the list for that reason. They are also in no particular order.

Top 5 auto mechanic’s tools:

  1. Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 2-Piece
  2. Klein Tools Tools Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  3. Power Probe PP3LS01 Power Probe III Circuit Tester with PPLS01 Lead Set Kit
  4. Magnetic Tools Tray, Stainless Steel, Rectangular, Chrome
  5. Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight with Holster

If you are having trouble viewing, You can see Top 5 Favorite Auto Mechanic’s Tools on YouTube

What are your top 5 favorite? If there is a tool you would like for me to review, use the contact me form, or email Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com

Here are some more of the tool reviews that I have done.

Manage money as a mechanicHey everyone. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is next week. This year just FLEW by. I guess it is time to start putting together my 2014 wrap up show. 🙂

Today we are talking about ways to manage your money as a technician. Working on flat rate can have big ups and even bigger downs. The way that we manage and budget our money is vital. There are so many things that impact the volume of cars coming in the shop. Heck anything from weather to gas prices can cause bad weeks. That doesn’t even take into account getting your butt kicked by a car.

This type of information is very much lacking in automotive training. We are told that it is important, but no one goes into detail about HOW to manage it. I have seen a lot of guys get stuck financially, and I don’t want that to happen to you. BTW I am NOT NOT NOT a financial adviser. This is just some of the things that I do. This is also not a flat rate show. You can see that at “Getting Paid on Flat Rate”.

Today on the automotive podcast we talk about:

  • You have to MAKE the money first
  • Buy tools smart
  • Don’t get in debt with the tool man
  • Buy used
  • Live below your income
  • Auto draft into your savings
  • Avoid other debt too
  • Do you need a new car? (No unless its a 2015 Golf Sportwagon 😉 )
  • Understand your busy times
  • Understand your slow times
  • Podcast on What To Do When The Shop Is Slow
  • and more

If you are having trouble viewing this video, watch it at Managing Money as a Mechanic, Podcast Episode 26 on YouTube.

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mk5 jetta latch
Deutsche Auto Parts

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Happy Tuesday everyone. Like every Tuesday, today we are looking at failing VW parts. This is an issues that I see pretty regularly. Nothing like having your trunk not shut! I have also seen these fail in a way that will not let you open your trunk. Either way, it makes shopping a bit of a pain.

When we look at these parts we talk about:

This trunk latch does fit other Volkswagen cars. I replaced one on an EOS a week or so ago. Always be sure to have your V.I.N. ready when getting parts. There are a ton of VIN splits and parts oddities. This will help you get the right part the first time.

If you are having trouble viewing on the blog, check out “How The MK5 VW Trunk Latch Fails” on YouTube.

As always, your comments, questions and topic suggestions are always welcome. You can post them in the comments below, or use the contact me form. Don’t forget to check out Deutsche Auto Parts for you VW/Audi parts needs.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. Today we take an in depth look at vehicle warranties. We focus on the manufacturer side of warranty. Dealing with car repairs under warranty is something I do a lot of. There are a lot of things that customers may not realize happen when a car is repaired under warranty.

Today on the Automotive Podcast we chat about:

  • Base car warranty AKA bumper to bumper
  • Powertrain warranty
  • Federal Emissions warranty
  • Corrosion warranty
  • What MAY be covered
  • What is probably NOT covered
  • Why a dealer will not “just fix it all”
  • Manufacturer tracking of repairs
  • Dealership chargebacks
  • Where to find warranty information
  • All about Buying an Extended Warranty

If you are having trouble viewing, watch Understanding Vehicle Warranties, Podcast Episode 25, on YouTube.

As always, your comments and questions are appreciated. BTW, what do you guys think of the new studio setup?

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