How The VW TDI Balance Shaft Module Fails ~ Video

TDI Balance shaft module

Today we are looking at more failed Volkswagen parts. This is the failure of the TDI Balance Shaft Module. This part came out of a 2005 B5.5 Passat TDI. This is not an extremely common failure, but it can be very expensive to fix. You may also hear this referred to as the Oil Pump Module.

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Join me as we break down TDI Balance Shaft Module:Failed Balance Shaft Module

  • What the TDI Balance Shaft Module Does
  • How the TDI Balance Shaft Module works
  • How the TDI Balance Shaft Module fails
  • Symptoms of Balance Shaft Module failure
  • Diagnosing a bad Balance Shaft Module
  • Failure time of the Balance Shaft Module
  • DIY or No DIY
  • Factory replacement VS Delete kit
  • Cost to replace Balance Shaft Module
  • More about engine balancing shafts from Engineering Explained.
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch ” How The VW TDI Balance Shaft Module Fails ~ Video” on YouTube.

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5 replies
  1. alex
    alex says:

    nice video
    could you advice some internet shops where i can buy a balance shaft delete kit .

    my vehicle is audi a4 2005 2.0tdi avant BLB engine.. oil pump failed

  2. Rick Herald
    Rick Herald says:

    Hey Charles, so you say the balance shaft is not a common failure. I have a 2005 tdi passat with 138,000 miles on it. Car runs great, have done some work on it, I am the 4 owner. I am being told I am driving a ticking time bomb and the balance shaft, oil pump, chain etc. is destined to fail. It is not if but when I am being told. I was told some times you hear the loud sound of marbles in the blender and other times not. I have been given the option of 2,800 for the gear repair and 900.00 for the balance shaft delete work. What do you think of the answer that all of these are destined to failure 100%? I am having a hard time getting my head around this but don’t want to have break down or do damage to my engine. Your thoughts and reply would be appreciated. Rick


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