VW Diesel Scandal AKA DIESELGATE ~ Episode 97


DieselGate The news broke that VW lied about emissions on their 4 cylinder TDI cars across the world. Cars were being put in a different ECM strategy for the test. Here are my thoughts and how it will impact you, me, and others. The great thing about this whole dieselgate thing is, VW admitted that they lied about it, and has promised to make it right. I really hope they stand behind that statement.

I am a dealership employee, NOT a VWofA employee. I do not have access to any top secret information. All of the things I talk about today are public knowledge. They are also only my thoughts. I am not speculating on anything that VW may do to fix this issue. There are a lot of things that could be done, but we just do not know what will happen.

Join me today as we breakdown:

  • What this DieselGate thing is all about
  • How VW may have cheated the emissions test
  • They admitted they did it
  • What they promised to do.
  • How this will impact VW service people
  • How this will impact VW sales people
  • Will they really make it right?
  • What will the Recall on TDIs mean
  • Great forum thread at CleanMPG.com
  • and more

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Thanks Charles for keeping and reiterating facts and putting all the shock news in perspective. People need to know that these cars aren’t going to blow up tomorrow.

    I drive a mk7 tdi and I have to say that I feel a little weird driving it after the weekend. Do people think I’m now a smog spewing icky person? I’m also curious how my car is affected by this being that I have a SCR system, I have to think I’m spewing less NOx than my MK6 Jetta was.

    VW can make this right by me if they include a third pedal when they release the new tiguan in the US 🙂

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      A 3 pedal TDI tigual, I am all in. The pictures of the new Tiguan are pretty cool.

      As far as repair for the SRC cars, from what I have heard(better than media source) a software update will take care of this with no power loss. We will see when the repairs come out.

  2. Pete
    Pete says:

    Talk about something blown way out of proportion, sheesh! Had to be a real slow news day when this hit. Donald Trump is probably working on a plan to keep VW’s out of the country right now.

    So VW got caught, whoop-dee-eff’in-doo! Like they’re the first automaker to fudge emissions reports, please! The entire testing procedures used are skewed to begin with unless we all start driving on dynamometers.

    At least VW had the guts to come out and quickly admit it unlike an automaker say like General Motors who denied for well over a decade that they had any problem with an ignition switch then went and cya’d their butts in bankruptcy court to get out of any liability due to the people they killed.

    Sure VW will have to pay the fines and the stock will take a hit but they’ll be back quick enough. Probably a great time to invest in them.

    To the general public, get over it. No matter what you drive it has a negative impact on the environment, yes even if you have no tail-pipe at all, at least these are diesels and represent a very small percentage of what’s on the road anyway.

    I think I’ll go shopping, might get a great deal on a new VW right now.

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    As the owner of two VW Passats, 13/14, I’m on a “wait and see” mode, mostly concerned with value down the road, and economy once repair is made. Hopefully as the Passat already uses Urea, it’s as simple as injecting more, with no loss in economy, heck urea is cheap. Of course if they offer me 2 new 16 Passats, I’ll take them. It’s an awesome vehicle. I didn’t buy them because they were necessarily clean, but it doesn’t hurt to burn cleaner than my 01 Powerstroke…

  4. Don
    Don says:

    Hi All,
    I like many VW owners am in wait mode, but to fly the flag when I wipe my finger around the exhaust of my MY 13.5 Passat it is only slightly greyed, and the fact it broke CARB requirements by 40% but what volume are we talking it may sound huge but quantity could be minimal. As a heavy vehicle mechanic here in Australia and the amount of other new diesel cars I see and still plumes of black smoke from these I feel my car is a lot cleaner than these. My Passat is defiantly cleaner than my ’07 Jetta. Look forward to hearing more from you about DIESELGATE?

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I have a 2001 Ford Powerstroke 7.3, and black smoke is normal. So I feel we need to know the number(ppm) of what’s acceptable under epa/carb (I’m in Southern California) and see what 5% to 40% is, if acceptable is 200ppm, is 210ppm to under 300ppm, a gross polluter?
      So far all I see is the media taking this a flying the red flag when a small yellow flag is necessary.
      The “bad” part is the deception on VW.


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