Bringing An Old Car To The Dealership For Service ~ Podcast Episode 52

Bringing An Old Car To The Dealership For Service ~ AUDIO Podcast Episode 52

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had an AWESOME weekend. It is getting to be car show season soon. Are your projects coming along? Today on the automotive podcast, we are talking about bringing your older car to the dealership for service. This is not a topic we have touched on before. We have talked a little about Bringing a modified car to the dealership before. This is a little different, but not too much.

Join me today as we chat about

  • Welcome a new human to the family
  • Dealer may NOT be the #1 choice for an old car
  • Dealers work mostly on newer cars
  • The amount of MK1 and MK2 VWs at the dealer
  • Why dealers don’t have older repair information
  • Why dealers don’t have old special tools
  • Getting older parts from dealerships
  • Cabrio ABS module
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Bringing An Old Car To The Dealership For Service ~ Podcast Episode 52” on YouTube.

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  1. Jon Hodge
    Jon Hodge says:

    We have one tech that has been with VW since 93, but multiple techs with Mk3 experience, either from owning them or being around when they were current. We’ve also got a guy that is pretty good with air cooled and a Vanagon guy. The real issue at our shop comes from getting parts because it’s not really that beneficial to have an account with GAP or ECS.


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