How VW Parts Fail ~ In Tank Fuel Pumps

Failing VW fuel pump

We are back talking about how Volkswagen parts fail. This is video 29 of examining how Volkswagen parts fail. I take the really commonly failing parts, break them open and show you what happens. I also want to mention that you should not be scared off of owning or buying a VW. Anyone could do these types of videos on any make. I do how VW parts fail because I work at a VW dealer 🙂

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Today’s show is sponsored by Deutsche Auto Parts. They are the VW and Audi parts experts. They have great prices and awesome service. Plus they work really hard on a ton of VW DIY videos. Paul and the fellas at DAP are awesome. Also check out their new site at

Join me today as we break down:

  • What is a VW in tank fuel pump
  • Where is the VW fuel pump located
  • How does a VW fuel pump work
  • Symptoms of a failing VW fuel pump, other than “my car will not start”
  • Ways to diagnose a failing VW fuel pump
  • Can you DIY a VW fuel pump
  • Tip to keep a fuel pump from from failing (maybe)
  • 2.0t fuel pump (the one I show in the video)
  • 2.5 fuel pump (one of the more common failing pumps)
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How VW Parts Fail, In Tank Fuel Pumps” on YouTube.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.
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