Understanding Vehicle Warranties, Podcast Episode 25

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. Today we take an in depth look at vehicle warranties. We focus on the manufacturer side of warranty. Dealing with car repairs under warranty is something I do a lot of. There are a lot of things that customers may not realize happen when a car is repaired under warranty.

Today on the Automotive Podcast we chat about:

  • Base car warranty AKA bumper to bumper
  • Powertrain warranty
  • Federal Emissions warranty
  • Corrosion warranty
  • What MAY be covered
  • What is probably NOT covered
  • Why a dealer will not “just fix it all”
  • Manufacturer tracking of repairs
  • Dealership chargebacks
  • Where to find warranty information
  • All about Buying an Extended Warranty

If you are having trouble viewing, watch Understanding Vehicle Warranties, Podcast Episode 25, on YouTube.

As always, your comments and questions are appreciated. BTW, what do you guys think of the new studio setup?

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  1. Tamy
    Tamy says:

    another great podcast. I have to finish it later when I have more time, but wanted to comment on the product failure part real quick. Design flaws that can cause future damage should be covered under warranty and not under a customer courtesy agreement. Take for instance our issue with water coming in to the window area; Although, the dealer is calling this a “normal” behavior, the damage to the interior of the car if it persists would not be normal wear and tear. The interior leather, the components inside the door, etc. So, in some cases it is important to consider some things as warranty items. It creates a case log allowing VW and other automakers to see any patterns that could help improve future models and also if a recall would be necessary. I’m no mechanic, but as a consumer this makes sense from my perspective. Not an expert opinion, just an opinion 🙂


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