Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a sponsor. Here at Humble Mechanic I do sponsors very different. Generally when you see a sponsor on other websites, it comes with some type of caveat. They will tell you that an advertisement is not an endorsement.

That may be fine for some folks, but that doesn’t fly around here. If a company is a sponsor here, it IS a personal endorsement by me. You know, the type of place you would send Grandma to do business.

In addition to what was mentioned in the video, you get first dibs on reviews of your products. As well as product placements.

Types of companies that fit with Humble Mechanic.
This is an automotive blog, podcast, and video show. It is only fitting that companies in that space sponsor the show. Things like:

  • Automotive Replacement Parts
  • Automotive apparel
  • Automotive cleaning supplies
  • Tools and tool storage
  • Garage and Shop Supplies
  • Mobile Electronics, audio and video
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Automotive Performance Parts
  • Automotive Maintenance Parts
  • Automotive Enthusiast Merchandise 
  • Driver Gear
  • Wheels and Tires
  • And More

There are a wide array of things that work in the automotive space. I am open to considering all of them. Use the Contact Me form, or email me Charles(at)


I have set an extremely low sponsorship price.

  • 1 year (12 months) for only $4000 that is ~$77 per video
  • 6 months for only $2340, that is ~$90 per video
  • 3 months for only $1300, that is ~$100 per video

Remember that these videos are online forever. That does not include the links in the blog, and mentions on Social Media sites.


How much traffic will you send me?

  • There is no way to know for sure. In addition to being mentioned on the show, your banner will be on the blog. You will also be part of a really great community. Much of the traffic can depend on level of involvement with the community.

Do you have links to your Social Media and Podcasts?

Why are you so strict about sponsors and advertizes?

  • This is simple. I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into doing a great job for this audience. THEY are the reason that I do it. So if I put a sub-par company in front of them, I lose credibility. I consider sponsors more of a service to the community than a way to generate income for myself.

Thank You

Thanks to Jack from The Survival Podcast, and Brian from ITS Tactical. This sponsorship model is built off of what they do.

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  1. Arthur Cook
    Arthur Cook says:

    Im 40 years old and a very good Auto Mechanic just learning about diesel Mechanics and love it first toolbox finally collapsed in the shop and I have all of my tools in the Drawers of said toolbox laying about in the floor and My Boss at KMK Enterprize Trucking in Melbourne Florida tells me i need to be more organized to take some time and find me a General (or very similar)56Inch rolling Work Bench and I can come back to work because he cant be tripping over my tools everywhere….Could someone help sponser me a tool chest like that until i can pay it back…. i have 3 kids and bills and is overwelming sometimes. so from a fellow mechanic i would greatly appriciate the help…..maybe i could help some mechanic out later on by paying it forward.thanks for listening to me.


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