How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.0t BPY Thermostat

thermo2Hey everyone, today we are back to talk about more failing VW parts. The failing VW part was are looking at today is the thermostat on 2.0t FSI engine. This is the engine code BPY found in 2006-2008 Volkswagens. This is a failure that can cause a number of issues from overheating to a check engine light with a code p2181. While we are looking at the thermostat on a 2.0t FSI, this issue and fault are common on many other VW engines.

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Join me today as we breakdown:

  • What is a thermostat?
  • How the 2.0t FSI thermostat works
  • How the 2.0t FSI thermostat regulates coolant
  • How the 2.0t FSI thermostat fails
    Stuck open VS Stuck closed
  • Symptoms of a failing FSI thermostat
  • Diagnosing a Failing Thermostat
  • Diagnosing a check engine light p2181
  • Is replacing a VW thermostat a DIY
  • and more

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  1. Tamy
    Tamy says:

    Is the thermostat in the 15 Golf housed like that? I’m being told that I have a leak due to crystallization on the thermostat which shows the mechanic that, coupled with the low reservoir level, I need to replace the thermostat and the water pump. In five years and 77k miles, I’ve had two alerts to low coolant that have resolved after topping off the reservoir. No noticeable change in temp gauges, no check engine lights, no obvious coolant leaks and no note of the crystallized coolant during an oil change at the same shop two months ago. They told me that’s because it’s a very slow leak. I asked if they considered the car safe to drive and was told yes and was then reminded that the estimate is good for 30 days. So how do I know if I have a legitimate concern for the health of my car? And how are they so certain that my engine is near imminent failure and catastrophic damage?


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