5 Odd Things Mechanics Use To Fix Cars ~ Video

Published on May 7, 2015 under Video

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Thursday is normally the day that I review tools and products. Well today I wanted to step out of that a little. I wanted to chat a little about the weird things that mechanics use when working on cars. This is kind of a play on my “Top 5 Favorite Auto Mechanic’s Toolsvideo. Something a little more lighthearted after yesterday’s video on flat rate. Mechanics also spend a small fortune on tools. It is nice to have a few things we don’t need to turn to the Snap On truck for.

Join me today as we look at odd uses for

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  1. Dave

    Ah the memories. Late 60s. Had a beaten up 56 GMC pickup. Rods hammering. Buddy and I bought the next oversize bearings, put them in and locked the crank up tight. Checked them all and found one that was too tight. The solution? Cut a tab off a cigarette flat pack and put it between the cap and block. Clearance restored. Butcher? Yes, but it ran for a long time after that.

  2. Spncer Adams

    Good to see the ingenuity! To install timing belts, I use wooden clothespins (the spring loaded ones), because they’re narrower than binder clips so they fit through sprocket holes, and they have a longer reach. Also they’re wooden, so they don’t mar the belt. For many jobs where I need to hold a hose in place, without crimping the hose, I use women’s hair ties…it’s like an extra set of hands. For example, bench bleeding a master cylinder. The last thing is paper clips; mostly as custom-bent hooks for small parts retrieval (with big, clumsy fingers) and temporary keepers for sensor wires that keep getting in my way. Oh and I can’t forget about a roll of toilet paper to hold a live battery or starter cable from touching any ground, when you still need connections to power to diagnose electrical problems. And a few times taken my belt off my pants (better keep this comment PG13)…whatever works. Hey, keep the videos coming; they’re great, in a world of grumpy mechanics.

    1. Charles

      That toilet paper roll thing is a good idea. Funny thing is, I made a list at work about the things I wanted to talk about. I forgot that list at work. LOL I had paper clips and ratchet straps on it.


  3. Doug Sonier

    Awsome show I am glad to see im not the only guy still using cardboard for trans bolts and that binder clip trick from Eric the car guy is awsome I just used that today I showed my Sr tech he loved it as well. I have one you probley know but hose to start off spark plugs to ensure they are started right before I put a socket on them.

  4. Zach Belden

    Hey Charles im starting get in the automotive feid and i was looking into a tool cart to buy but some of the other technicians were telling me to get a corwell cart from the tool guy that comes by because it comes with lifetime warranty.. but the other thing is they only got me doing oil changes and tires at the moment so would it be a good investment to get the corwell cart or some ther off brand cart????

  5. Gerald Hix

    Most unusual tool I’ve used on a vehicle is a shovel. When checking play by raising the wheel off the ground, I rock the tire at the 9 and 3 position and the 6 and 12 o’clock positions. Then I slide the shovel under the wheel which is barely off the ground and push down on the handle to lift the tire to check for play. Works good for bad bearings on rear end of a pick up truck.

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