How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.5L Valve Cover with PCV Valve

How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.5L Valve Cover with PCV Valve

How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.5L Valve Cover with PCV ValveOn this episode of “How VW Parts Fail” we are looking at the failure of the 2.5L PCV valve built in to the valve cover. This engine was the common engine in many VW cars. The Jetta, Rabbit, Jetta SportWagen, Beetle and Passat all came with the 2.5L engine. The valve failing could cause the check engine light to come on, as well as a rough idle. Today we are going to look at how it fails, as well as how to diagnose it.

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Join me as we break down(hopefully not):

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi Humble Mechanic! Thanks for all of your insight! I am stumped here. I have a 2010 VW Jetta SE 2.5L. I changed the Pressure/Temp sensor 3 times, replaced the pcv valve, and last resort, even bought and replaced the entire valve cover. Somehow, I keep getting the P0106 Manifold Absolute Pressure/ Barometric Pressure Circuit Range / Performance and P2188 System too rich at Idle Bank 1.

    It seems to only happen when it’s in the lower 40’s and 30’s. It seems to be completely fine when it’s in the 50’s and warmer. Whenever the code turns on, I take it all apart and look in the manifold where the sensor is and there is oil in there. It seems to still be coming from the PCV even after replacing the entire cover. My biggest curiosity is this. I have been using 0W40 by Mobil oil because Mobil oil claims that is the correct viscosity. Could it be possible that it is getting into the manifold when it’s so cold outside because I need to be using 5W40 instead of 0W40?

      • JS
        JS says:

        I solved my p0106 by throughly cleaning my throttle body and soak up all oil inside intake manifold, shine a light inside to see all the oil, clean map sensor with maf cleaner, blow compressed air through hose attached to throttle body, then do a throttle body adaptation. Check engine light has been off for months 2k+miles

  2. Zito
    Zito says:

    Humble mechanic, have you ever seen some type of milky oil when removing the PCV Valve cover on the actual cover? What does that actually mean? Any information is greatly appreciate.

  3. Zito
    Zito says:

    So did a little research and found out that I most likely have a leaky head gasket that is causing to pass anti freeze into the combustion chamber mixing with oil. Has anybody used some sort of sealer like steel seal or blue devil to temporarily fix the problem? I have a 2006 VW JETTA 2.5L


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