How The VW CC Trunk Harness Fails ~ Video

How The VW CC Trunk Harness Fails ~ Video

How The VW CC Trunk Harness Fails ~ Video Today we are looking at how the harness for all the rear lighting in a VW CC fails. If you have rear lighting not working, it may be due to the harness being split in the trunk. I have seen this issue give some techs a run for their money. Even though a light out is generally the bulb, you can’t discount the wiring too.

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Join me today as we break into the CC trunk harness:

  • What is the CC Trunk harness
  • What wiring issues happen with the CC trunk harness
  • How the CC trunk harness fails
  • Symptoms of CC trunk harness failure
  • Diagnosing CC trunk harness failure
  • Time to failure
  • Fix the wiring or replace the wiring
  • DIY or not to DIY
  • MKV door harness failure video
  • and more

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9 replies
  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Oh yeah had that with my CC. My personal observations besides poor design, cheap wire, that plastic hanger for the harness keeps all the stress in one area, I pitched that and allowed the harness to move more freely, and once again with the programers, I love that they turn off the voltage to the circuit once it thinks a bulb has burnt out, so much for the wiggle test.

      WILLIAM HAPPEL says:

      You don’t by chance have a source for a wire schematic on that trunk lid… I’ve got an 09 cc and am confident I can fix it but all the wires are the same color and I’m not getting any where ohms testing them… anyway thx

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Let me amend my first comment, although I still do not like the quality of wire used at least VW/Audi didn’t use that biodegradable garbage that Mercedes and BMW tried. They really got away with one there.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        Feel lucky if you’ve never encountered this stuff. It’s actually been around since the 70’s I think, and I think Volvo was the first to use this so called Eco-Wire. Mercedes and BMW used it for what seems undisclosed years, they are real secretive about the applications and years used for good reason. The wire part held up fine it was just that the insulation turned to dust, it would literally crumble to the touch. In my opinion they got away with murder by being hi-end vehicles and the customers fell for whatever line they got fed from the manufacturer. Only compensation I can verify was Mercedes picked up the cost of the harness (complete harness) and the customer paid labor. How’d you like to do a complete harness job on say a 500 series Benz? Me, I’d rather play Russian Roulette with an Uzi. Decent idea but make it decompose in 50 or so years not 5 or 10.

  3. Larry
    Larry says:

    Love your work. I have a 2007 passat 3.6 4Motion wagon and am having lots of issues with the auto hatch, I am in a wheel chair and can just reach the closing button when it stops at the adjusted height. But when it’s not working it goes all the way up until the physical limit of the lid. Can you help direct me to the ground points or why the controllers are failing? Thanks! Larry

  4. Evgeni
    Evgeni says:

    Can someone help me with part number? I spoke to the guy with the local VW dealership and he gave me a completely different part. Communication gap I’m sure 🙂 anyway need help with part number


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