How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.0t Fuel Pump Modules

failed VW parts

2.0t Fuel pump control moduleToday I am back to chat about more failed Volkswagen parts. We are looking at how the fuel pump control module fails on 2.0t engines. This module is on 2.0t gas engines from 2006 until now. There may be other engines that have this, or a similar module, installed. They will basically all fail in the same way.

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Join me as we break down(hopefully not):

  • What is the fuel pump control module?
  • What the fuel pump control module does
  • How the fuel pump control module fails
  • Symptoms of a failing fuel pump control module
  • Diagnosing a failing fuel pump control module
  • Is this a DIY part?
  • and more

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15 replies
  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    Thanks for the great info, I love your channel. I’m almost positive my control module has gone out, that or the HPFP. Regardless I’m going to start with the control module. I noticed that you said the module was located somewhere different on the Tiguans. Would you mind letting me know where exactly it is (and how to get to it). Thanks so much.


  2. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey says:

    I love your channel. Thanks for the information. Indeed my control module melted in the exact corner you mentioned. I ordered it form your sponsor Deutsche Auto Parts as a thank you for the confidence to tackle this one DIY. Thanks again. Keep it up.

      • mike
        mike says:

        hi ,i have vw cc 2009 2.0 engine , i had problem with fuel pump modules , one modules melted i replaced . then after 3 weeks or so i was driving and car turned off on the road after 2 min i tried to start and it started but after 10 min it happend again . and check engine light came on . i diagnosed it and it showed me high-pressure fuel pump , i replaced it . then i drive about 60 mile and stop the car after 3 days i tried to start but it wont start the problem was fuel pump module so i replaced . now car drives but somebody told me the problem maybe is the in tank fuel pump because new fuel pump module gets worm every time while i’m driving , so my question is: does the fuel pump has to get hot at all or warm ? thank you some much i really need help please help me somehow i spend so much money to fix this but nobody understands what happening

  3. M. Haneef
    M. Haneef says:

    Hello Mr. Humble Mechanic. I love all the videos you post and they are all awesome. Quick question regarding the fuel pump module. I have engine starting issues when hot on my 2.0 TSI engine. I highly doubt my fuel module has failed. However, when i checked under the rear seat the module seems to be in very good condition without any physical damage and no signs of overheating. Please advise the module can still fail?

  4. Norma
    Norma says:

    Hi. When replacing the fuel pump control module, does it come programmed or do you have to have it programmed at the dealer?

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Can a recall on these be the cause of a engine locking up? Can it cause the chain to be worn on one particular side?

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Do not buy this part from Oreillys. I replaced mine and it damn near set my car on fire… It lasted 3 days and burned a whole in my seat and melted the harness it connects to. When I went to return it for a refund, they only wanted to exchange it for a new one. After some arguing, I got my money back.

  6. Nicholas Lugo
    Nicholas Lugo says:

    I keep pulling up codes for a fuel pump control module fault the engine check engine light goes on and then it’ll go off I have noticed My car does not always start up right away it turns over about 45 times before it starts up I know this it is for a Tigue Juan but I have a 2011 Touareg and I would greatly appreciate if you could also help out telling me where exactly it’s located on the car cause I can’t find it and I’ve googled and found nothing I can find the parts for sale but that’s it thank you and I love your videos


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