How VW Ignition Switches Fail ~ Video

Hey Everyone. Normally these failure videos come out on Tuesday. I had some audio issues so we are a little bit behind. Oddly enough I had ordered some new audio gear on Sunday. Gotta love that timing. 🙂 Today are are looking at how Volkswagen ignition switches fail. These switches have been failing forever. We are going to look at some ways that can happen.

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VW ignition switch issues

Join me today as we look at:

  • Quick note about the blog
  • What a VW ignition switch does
  • How VW ignition switches works
  • How VW ignition switches fail
  • Symptoms of VW ignition switch failure. (this part is fun)
  • Diagnosing a failed VW ignition switch
  • Time/miles of ignition switch failure
  • Is the VW ignition switch a DIY part?
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How VW Ignition Switches Fail ~ Video” on YouTube.

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4 replies
  1. James Karsten
    James Karsten says:

    My favorite ignition switch failure was in a mk3 golf. Customer complaint was that when they used their turn signals, their wipers would swipe. It dis some other weird things with the blower motor and headlights too, but I don’t remember what. This was before I moved to VW and expected such things, took me awhile to figure out.

  2. Lauren Carolan
    Lauren Carolan says:

    I am one of the lucky ones where my ignition switch failed and could not turn my car off. And to top it off the key had broken off in the ignition.

    Any further information that can help me?

    Thank you

    • james karsten
      james karsten says:

      Im going to guess a 2011-14 jetta? And you couldnt physically turn the key off? That was pretty common for awhile. The issue is the steering column lock, but if the key is broken off in it youre going to need a key and lock cyl also. Probly requires a trip to the dealer, at least for parts and programming.

  3. chris
    chris says:

    Hey guys, know this is an old video and what not but looking at a used mk5 jetta in mint condition that has a very difficult to turn ignition. previous owner talks like he bought a bunch of parts to fix it but never did – talking to vw srvc they are talking like it could be between 400 & 750 bux to fix (even with most of the parts) – idk seems steep – with the way that i would describe it – seems like the switch may be ok but the cylinder barrel doesn’t roll smoothly – binds at different intensities at different positions – car started right up without issue and turned off without issue but the binding part was the concern… What parts to address this would i really need and is it true that in order to fix this i would likely have to reprogram the key fobs as well?

    Thanks – the content you put out on vw’s is ridiculous and greatly appreciated by the fan base (been a follower for more than 5yrs now)


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