Top 5 Failures 1999-2005 MK4 Golf, Beetle and Jetta

Today we are back talking about more failed VW parts. We are going to look at the top 5 most common failures of MK4 Golf, Beetle and Jetta. I grouped the Golf, Beetle and Jetta together because they are on the same platform. Think of them as the same car, with a different body attached. That means they all share very common failures. Also remember two things, these are not the only failures for that generation VW, and talking about these failures does not make them bad cars. When you have 7 years of a car, there are bound to be some things that go wrong.

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Join me today as we break down the MK4

  • The MK4 is 1998(ish)-2005(ish) Golf, Beetle, Jetta
  • MK4 window regulator failures
  • MK4 Brake light switch failures and recall
  • MK4 Catalytic Converter failures, and warranty extension
  • MK4 Coolant temperature sensor failures
  • MK4 Suspension bushing failures
  • A quick list of more MK4 failures
  • How VW Coolant Temp Sensors Fail
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Top 5 Failures 1999-2005 Golf, Beetle and Jetta” on YouTube.

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  1. index
    index says:

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  2. Sean Miller
    Sean Miller says:

    Does anyone know what causes the Fuse box over the battery on MK4’s with the 2.0 8v to burn, specifically the black wire coming from the alternator? Is it the alternot itself or is it the cable being too corroded and causing too much resistance = too heat?

  3. Stewart Moran
    Stewart Moran says:

    I have a 2002 Jetta my has a wobble while driving I replaced the motor mount and the transmission but I still have the same problem hellp


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