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Published on July 23, 2018 under Humble Mechanic

Free Tools?

Who doesn’t love free tools? Earlier this year I started a deal with The Home Depot (Home Depot MotorSports). They send me a few tools once a quarter, and I check them out and review them what makes sense for Humble Mechanic. One of the main reasons I did this deal was to hook you guys up. I spent the last 15 plus years collecting tools for fixing cars, and for working around the house. Needless to say, I have a lot of tools. This deal with Home Depot gives me the chance to check out some stuff, and then give it away.

Disclaimer ~ This post is a paid partnership with The Home Depot. The tools were provided to Humble Mechanic at no charge. Links to products included in this post are affiliate links to The Home Depot. The information listed in product description is either my personal experience, or information provided by tool manufatorer or The Home Depot

For this quarter I am giving away (scroll down for full descriptions on each):

How To Play

I want to make this as easy as possible for all of us. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make a comment on this blog post saying which tool you’d like
    • When you make the comment, USE A GOOD EMAIL ADDRESS!
  • Share this post ~ Humble Mechanic Tool Giveaway ~ We will use the honor system, I trust ya
  • On Friday 7/27/18 I will pick the winners at random and make a post
  • If you are in the United States, I will personally pay the shipping
  • If you are outside the US, I will ask that you pay the shipping
    • I know this sucks, but it’s this way or make it USA only
  • I will email each of the winners, you will have until 8/3/18 to respond back or I will pick another winner
  • If you win, I would love to have you post a picture when you get it
    • Tagging @HumbleMechanic and @homedepot

The Tools:

Here is more about the tools for this giveaway including links to The Home Depot

Husky Screwdriver Set (15 piece)

Husky Screwdriver Set (15 piece)

I bought this set of screwdrivers a while back. They have held up really well. They are strong, chemical resistant, and have a lifetime warranty. The set includes 8 flat blade, and 7 Phillips head screwdrivers and retails for $29.97 plus tax. There may or may not be a VW running around with a shift knob made from a handle of one of these screwdrivers. The package was opened to take photos.

Ridgid Brushless 18v Drywall Screwgun Kit 

Ridgid Brushless 18v Drywall Screwgun Kit 

As a mechanic I don’t really think I am qualified to properly review this tool. Doing drywall work is something I have done before. Today I am happy to pay someone else to do this stuff. This tool does allow Push-to-Drive for less noise and more run time. It also includes the collated attachment, 2 batteries, a charger, and a carry bag. I really do wish I had a use for this tool. The packaging was opened for photos


Milwaukee M12 Cordless Compact Inflator 

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Compact Inflator

I am going to be blunt here, the only reason I am giving this away is because I have one. And even with that I kinda want to keep it. This inflator is awesome! I use it all the time around the house. I toss it in the R32 for road trips. I also bring it to autoX events to set tires properly. It comes with attachments to inflate sports balls, and my kid’s giant beach ball. This one comes with 1 M12 battery. If you are not using the M12 platform you will need a charger. This tools was opened for pictures and used 2 times. The battery is not opened

Makita Sub-Compact Brushless Recipro Saw (tool only)

Makita Sub-Compact Brushless Recipro Saw (tool only)

This is a tool will probably come in handy. It’s small, about 12.5″ in length so it fits in spaces the full sized recip saws will not. It works on the Makita LXT 18v battery. So if you are a Makita tool user you are gold. The saw will do 0-3000 strokes per minute with a stroke length of 13/16. This is the tool only so you will need to have your own battery and charger. Again, perfect if you already use Makita tools. This one is brand new in the box.

This post is in partnership with The Home Depot. The tools were provided to Humble Mechanic at no charge. Links to products included in this post are affiliate links to The Home Depot.


  1. This giveaway is for Humble Mechanic subscribers and is free to enter, no purchase of any kind necessary (1 entree per subscriber)
  2. You must be 18 years or older
  3. If outside the US, winner will be responsible for shipping and handling
  4. The giveaway starts when this blog is posted and closes 7/27/18 with a comment on the blog post
  5. This giveaway complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations including U.S. sanctions.
  6.  Any personal data (address, email, name, etc) will be kept private and be used for Humble Mechanic and this contest to contact the winners and for a possible future Humble Mechanic  email list (you may unsubscribe at any time).
  7. There will be 1 winner per tool
  8. The winner will be chosen at random
  9. Winners will be contacted via email
  10. If a winner does not respond to their email by 8/3/18 a new winner will be picked

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  1. Matthew Hoistion

    I would love the Milwaukee Inflator! As a technician, this would be really handy not only with work stuff but with projects around the house. It helps that I also have 6 other Milwaukee tools.

  2. Jason Chafin

    I’ll take the tire inflator since I have 5 vehicles and hate my crappy 12v one that plugs in. I’ve been wanting one and almost ordered the Ryobi since I have a bunch of Ryobi stuff. I also have dewalt stuff and been thinking of tryin out this Milwaukee like.

  3. Eugenio Cebollero

    Screwdriver set. I live in a 2-story home which basically means if I need a screwdriver while I am upstairs the tool needed is likely in the garage. Of course, when I set out to work on the car, the tool needed is likely upstairs. This screwdriver set has the potential to save my marriage, my family, and keep me from losing my mind. A second screwdriver set is “Murphy’s Law” antidote. Of course, if I won a free screwdriver set, I would become the envy of my neighbors and in all likelihood find a third place to look for my missing tools. Thank you “Humble Mechanic” and “Home Depot” for partnering up on making people’s lives better! 🙂

  4. Andrew Piland

    That cordless saw would be awesome! The corded thing I have now is a beast, but it is too big and heavy. And hell, who couldn’t use more screwdrivers? I’ll take ’em all!

  5. Anthony

    I would love to have the drywall power tool set. My father is a dry waller and has tought me a lot and aside from working on cars on the side, I love to do side jobs for people doing contracting and those tools would be perfect!


    Since I already have the previous 2 syles of Husky screwdrivers, one similar to Snap On and one the same as Craftsman I definitely would want a set of the new style.

    So…the screwdrivers!

  7. Jeff Tomacruz

    Any of them would be appreciated but why have something you don’t need or already have . But i can sure use that Milwaukee inflator , make things a lot easier for me .
    Have a Great day !

  8. Quentin Tyler Skanes

    That rigid drill set would go great for me at work in construction. Good tools are hard to find and they’re a bright enough color to be seen under houses.

  9. Richard

    I am already on the Rigid platform so the Brushless drywall kit would be sweet!!! But the Milwaukee M12 inflator would also be awesome!! Either way… thanks for everything you do HumbleMechanic!!

  10. Will Burch

    That Milwaukee m12 Cordless Compact Infator would be so useful when wheeling in my Jeep and just around the house or in the garage.

    I turn 18 on the 28th, Does that qualify me?

  11. Joshua Krug

    I’d be down for the Makita recipro saw I’m a mk3 guy myself I made a mk3 jetta into a pickup truck a couple years ago and picked up another shell this time a vr6 one. Been watching all the vr6 content so I can take care of the motor.

  12. Joe

    Absolutely great give away from the one and only humble mechanic & The home Decor store ?!! I have use for all of them so I wouldn’t mind winning any of them fab tools ?

  13. Mike J Flatland

    I’ll take the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Compact Infiltrator, It would replace the cigarette plugin in my car that is a POS because I’ve had it for a very long time.

  14. Michael MacKenzie

    Man so call dibs on the inflator, this thing would save me the headache of running my little tire inflator from my booster pack, constantly having to reset the booster pack’s failsafe every 2 minutes… hopefully it would inflate faster too haha

  15. Steven

    Hey Charles you inspired my to build my first vr6 turbo and 1 year later it’s still the best noise I’ve ever heard I would love the inflater to put in my passat thanks keep up the amazing work

  16. Stephan Schwan

    My moms laundry machine sprung a leak last week so I would love the drywall kit to help redo the wall behind it. Also have been looking to try some rigid stuff cuz iam looking for a new budget brand to offset some the milwaukee stuff I also have.

  17. Thomas

    Milwaukee M12 Inflator, I’m a field tech so everything I do happens off-road. And would be nice to have as a backup in case my on-board air dies. Since it controls the locks on my servicebed.

  18. Brian

    May seem lame, but I’m all about the screwdriver set. I always seem to end up with these multi-bit drivers that seem like a good idea, but sometimes you just need to take it back to the basics.

  19. Carlos Velazquez

    Awesome! An wireless tire inflator. That I will use a lot. For my bicycles and my motorcycle and for my wife car. Those screwdrivers are the best bang for the $ ive got. I use them every day. The only problem I have with them is that they get lost easily in the engine bay.

  20. Andres Eduardo Leon

    Hey man! I would the screwdriver set. I am starting out with mechanics and trying to build up my tool set so this screwdriver set would fit perfectly! Love your videos!

  21. Cameron Bay

    Hey humble mechanic! I would love to get the cordless Milwaukee air compressor. I use to have a bulky air compressor but the darn pump broke and I need a new compressor and something like this would be great. Thanks for your consideration? ??

  22. Haris Karić

    Always working something on car or around the house (that’s probably reason why I started following your channel) you helped me few times with my repairs, anyway this screwgun kit would come handy.

  23. Lad Lubanovich

    Honestly I’d really use the screwdriver set more than anything else. Just started working at my dad’s shop and my screw driver set is all second hand and beat up.

  24. Filipe Silva

    That compact inflator would come in handy for road trips to car shows and what not. No spare tire in my Mk3 and the stock one in my B5 isn’t the same size as my summer wheels. 16″ vs 18″. Add a bottle of fix-a-flat and a tire patch kit and you are good to go.

  25. Dummer

    Makita saw please.
    Can you do a video on the inflator to show how long it takes for the inflator to inflate a fully deflated tyre and how long the battery last please.

  26. Steve

    I’d love the inflator, you always need one when you don’t have one, and…I don’t have one! If that isn’t available, the reciprocating saw would be pretty sick too.

    Thanks for the giveaway Charles and HD

  27. Kevin

    The screwdrivers would be perfect, I’ve managed without a decent set (lots of mooching) for too long. I’ve got the Ryobi for electric and I like to stay consistent for battery ease, m12’s I love for 12V but got an 18V inflator already

  28. Crispin

    I would have to say the two that would be most useful would be either the reciprocating saw or the inflator cause I could use them at work. But every thing looks decent and I guess even though I just buaght a set of screw drivers you can never have to many of those. And the screw gun would come in handy around the house when i need to do dry wall. So if win any I would be happy.

  29. Carl

    I’ve never seen the collated attachment for a screw gun before so I just watched a clip from Rigid on YouTube. It’s wild, basically a chain feed screw gun. I just bought a house that needs work so I am not at a point where I can pay someone to do all the drywall and man that is just what I need!

  30. Beanz Forster

    The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Compact Inflator would be awesome for my autocross car being that i dont have a 12v power outlet any more in the car and i have to lug along my jump pack to inflate my tires. It would be a bit easier with this.

  31. Matt

    Would love to have the Milwaukee inflator! I’ve got a 95 Mustang that’s been sitting in my Dads girlfriends garage for 8 years. She really wants her garage back and I really need to get it running and back on the road again. The stang has flat tires so the Milwaukee pump would really help get things rolling!

  32. Kenneth Ray Henderson

    All would be cool.. But the screw gun would be all some when I start doing the drywall in my house I’m building. But that inflator sounds like it would be cool to keep in the shop to do atvs and motorcycle tires with..

  33. Rick Butler

    I’m retired so affording new or replacement tools is difficult. Retired but still DIYing. Right now I’m replacing the clutch on my Chevy Cruze.

    I would trulylike and enjoy the Makita recip saw as my old Milwaukee (probably the original) had seen much better days.

    I enjoy your vids and appreciate this opportunity.


  34. Dustin Homan

    I would love the Milwaukee Inflator. I’m starting auto tech school soon, and my tool collection is severely lacking. Plus, the only inflator I have is a 9V Harbor Freight inflator that quit working two years ago. If my tire goes flat, I’m screwed. Haha!

  35. Ryan Sander

    The inflator would be great! The screwdriver set made me realize I have no good screwdrivers in my set.. still using my chewed up one from when my lab was a pup and got hungry.. so screwdriver set is an easy second!

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