5 Ways to Stand Out as a Technician ~ Podcast Episode 69

Published on June 3, 2015 under Podcast

Hey everyone. Today we are going to look at 5 things a technician can do to stand out to a customer. These are ways to stand out in a positive way. How to bring a little extra valve to what you do. The end goal is to earn a customer for life. With these little tweaks, you and set yourself on a great path to a huge customer base. Funny story about today’s show. You may remember that I have done a few videos with Rusty. Well today was going to be an “in the car” video. But it seems that the GoPro did like the audio setup, and the audio got lost. So today you get me, talking about ways a tech can stand out from the crowd.

Join me today as we break down:

  1. Never be afraid or unwilling to talk to a customer
  2. Be their hero
  3. Leave a personalized note and business card.
  4. Tell them the things they DO NOT need on their car
  5. Show them the value you bring to the relationship.

Trouble viewing? Watch “5 Ways to Stand Out as a Tech ~ Podcast Episode 69” on YouTube.

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