What It May Take To Fix The DieselGate TDIs ~ Podcast Episode 104

We have talked about the VW scandal a lot lately. It has basically consumed all of my time at work, and on the podcast. But as more information comes out, we can start to look at what the fix for these TDIs will be. Today we are going to look at the 2 repairs that will most likely happen on the 3 generations of TDIs. We have talked about what happened on VW Diesel Scandal AKA DIESELGATE ~ Episode 97 

Join me today as we breakdown:

  • Most of this information is based on the hearing with
    Mr Horn CEO of VWofA
  • Cars with Adblue injection will get software only
  • Cars currently with no Adblue system will get hardware and software
  • What parts are needed to add a diesel exhaust fluid treatment
  • Where these systems may be installed
  • How long the repair may take
  • The lack of time frame
  • and more

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    OK so I’m a biased VW owner but not a diesel owner, friends of mine who are diesel owners that may have the affected vehicles seem to all have the attitude of “So what, I get fifty to the gallon…” and their biggest fear is the rumor going round that VW may buy back their cars then their attitude becomes, “like Hell they will…”
    I’m overwhelmed by the the “Death to VW” witch hunt going on with I’m sure thousands of lawyers licking their chops, but why just VW? Many manufacturers have been busted for fudging (lying) about mileage numbers and they get away with just refunding customers a few bucks when actually if you think about it if you overstate your mileage numbers than at the same time you have understated your emission numbers, where’s Congress and the EPA now? Oh yeah silly me, mileage doesn’t figure into the EPA formulas on emissions, go figure.
    This is just another example of what happens when companies loose site of what’s really important and just worry about the bottom line and the almighty shareholders.
    Personally I feel for the people like Charles who are going to get stuck with the fix and wouldn’t blame any of them if they changed allegiance and bailed out but I just can’t picture Charles working for Mazda.
    Maybe Charles can reach out to Leo’s people and get him to do a guest appearance on THM.


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