How To Chip a MK3 VR6 ~ DIY Video

MK3 GTI DIYToday I will teach you how to chip your MK3 Volkswagen. This process involves removing and installing the ECM of the car, as well as replacing the “chip”. This is also known as tuning the vehicle. We are going to be performing this VW DIY on my MK3 GTI with the VR6 engine. Not only does this ECM tune provide about 10HP increase, it deletes several emissions components.

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Join me today as we learn:

  • Tools needed for chipping a MK3
  • Removing a MK3 ECM
  • Disassembling a MK3 ECM
  • Removing and installing the ECM chip
  • Installing the MK3 ECM
  • Checking and clearing faults with VCDS
  • The things I messed up in this DIY
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How To Chip a MK3 VR6 ~ DIY Video” on YouTube

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  1. […] What year and model Beetle are you installing this in? This is the most important information when asking for help. I have chipped my 2000 T4 Transporter VR6 to stage 1 with a chip from reflect tuning. My chip was socketed to the board not soldered so it can be removed from the socket and easily replaced with a new one . What I know from my experience and research is if your ECM is not socketed for the chip it will not work. This is why some ECM's have to be shipped to a tuner to be tuned on their equipment. Here is a very good video on how it should work I know it's a VR6 ECM but the process is the same. How To Chip a MK3 VR6 ~ DIY Video | Humble Mechanic […]

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