The Future of Automotive Technicians ~ Episode 35

Future Of Auto tecs episode 35

Happy Friday everyone. I hope that you had a great work week. Today we go a little out there, and talk about the future of being an automotive tech. Some of you may think that I am going a little off the deep end in today’s automotive podcast. But, stick with me and I think you will get it.

This is also one of those shows that YOUR participation is vital. If you are a tech, this may be your future. It could be an amazing time, or it can be a nightmare. It depends on how forward thinking you are. Sadly as techs, we find ourselves playing catchup. We need to be the ones at the front of technology!

Join me today as we look to the future:

  • Guided diagnosis
  • Tech brain removed from the process
  • MORE input from “tech line” types
  • Catching issues early
  • More TSBs and Tech Tips
  • More updates
  • Over the Air updates
  • Carnet
  • Over the air dealer reports
  • Shift of technician levels
  • Need for less “A” techs?
  • Need for more “C” techs
  • And More

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As always, post your comments below. If you are a tech, or thinking about being a tech, you NEED to be thinking about the future.

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  1. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy
    Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy says:

    Coming from an IT guy perspective, rather than emailing pictures or videos to the work computer, maybe use Drop Box?

    At least it sounds like some of the scan tool stuff gives you better diagnostic info than some of the server logs that I have to deal with.


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