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Mentoring Future Technicians ~ Audio Podcast Episode 72

Today we look at an interesting topic. It is something that really hit me about a week ago, while talking to a student at N.T.I. We as mentors and leader in a shop have a far bigger roll in “bringing up” the next generation of good technicians than we think, or maybe want. I also had the pleasure of recording this show twice thanks to a dead mic. Now that mic is officially dead!

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Join me today as we dive into:

  • What I said to that NTI kid
  • What type of tech I want to work next to
  • What the roll of a leader in the shop is
  • “It’s not my job”
  • Kids behaving poorly
  • and more

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Some Down Sides Of Being A Technician ~ Audio Podcast Episode 55

Today on the Automotive Podcast, we turn down a little different path. We look at some of the down sides of being an automotive technician. This is a road that I don’t love to go down that often. It can lead to getting stuck in a cycle of being negative. But I also feel like it is important to address. Like with any job, things are not perfect. But through out the show, I want you to be thinking about this, “Things are what you make of them”.

Join me today as we dive into:

  • Keeping this show positive.
  • Is it really that bad?
  • No jobs are perfect
  • Being a tech is physically demanding
  • You body is often in an awkward position
  • Being a tech can be dangerous.
  • Other people not being safe
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Negative attitude from general public
  • Perception of being easily replaceable
  • The unrealistic things techs are expected to know.
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Some Down Sides Of Being A Technician ~ Podcast Episode 55” on YouTube.

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Future Of Auto tecs episode 35

Happy Friday everyone. I hope that you had a great work week. Today we go a little out there, and talk about the future of being an automotive tech. Some of you may think that I am going a little off the deep end in today’s automotive podcast. But, stick with me and I think you will get it.

This is also one of those shows that YOUR participation is vital. If you are a tech, this may be your future. It could be an amazing time, or it can be a nightmare. It depends on how forward thinking you are. Sadly as techs, we find ourselves playing catchup. We need to be the ones at the front of technology!

Join me today as we look to the future:

  • Guided diagnosis
  • Tech brain removed from the process
  • MORE input from “tech line” types
  • Catching issues early
  • More TSBs and Tech Tips
  • More updates
  • Over the Air updates
  • Carnet
  • Over the air dealer reports
  • Shift of technician levels
  • Need for less “A” techs?
  • Need for more “C” techs
  • And More

Having trouble viewing? Watch “The Future of Automotive Technicians ~ Episode 35” on Youtube

As always, post your comments below. If you are a tech, or thinking about being a tech, you NEED to be thinking about the future.

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Humble Mechanic Logo

Just like many other jobs, being an auto mechanic is a pretty dynamic job. It is a far cry from the “punch the clock, do the same task, then go home” type job. Because of that I want to talk about what an average day looks like.

At my dealer we are all general service mechanics. That means we all do every job in the shop. Some shops will have a transmission guy, the one that rebuilds all the trans missions. Or the diagnostic guy. They will figure out the problems with cars, then send it to another tech to make the repair. I prefer the setup that we have. It keeps the day interesting. It is common to do an oil change on a car, then diagnose a check engine light, them do some tire work.

An average work day may go something like this:

  • Perform a 10,000 miles service on a newer car
  • Oil change, rotate tire on a 2008 VW
  • Diagnose a check engine light
  • Perform a 20,000 mile service on a newer car
  • Oil change
  • Oil change, rotate tires
  • Oil change, state inspection,
  • 40,000 mile service
  • Replace a headlight bulb
  • Replace a tail light bulb

This number of cars in a day would actually be fairly busy. That does not account for things that we find wrong with cars when they come in the shop. Things like worn out wiper blades, brakes and light bulbs are the most common things we find when cars come into the shop.

As I go back and read that, it would be a pretty good and easy day. On the not so typical days, anything can happen. Last week I spent almost the entire day diagnosing a 2013 Jetta hybrid that would randomly shut off. The next day I wrote up 2 estimates that totaled almost $18,000. That is not something I a bragging about. I do not like writing those type of estimates. One of those cars was a 99 Passat that had been neglected. The other was an 09 EOS. It had an issue with the top not opening properly. It was actually the first time I have seen an EOS top fail mechanically.

That is pretty much want a standard day as a VW tech looks like. Of course if I had to pick a perfect day, it would involve doing jobs that pay really well. Some might say that would get boring and they may be right. But as much as I love doing what I do, I go to work everyday to earn a paycheck. 😉

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Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Podcast Episode 70
The Humble Mechanic
The Humble Mechanic
Being a Technician vs Being a Mechanic ~ Audio Podcast Episode 70

Today I am joined in studio by Rusty. We had a very spirited chat about being a mechanic vs being a technician. We come at it from 2 very different angles, and that makes the conversation fun. There is a little weirdness in the first part of the show. I had a camera issue that day and it impacted the video quality. The second part of the show’s video is back to normal.

Join Rusty and I today as we break down:

  • Rusty’s view of what a mechanic is
  • Rusty’s view of what a technician is
  • The psychology behind the words.
  • My view of the two words
  • QOTD ~ Do you consider yourself a Mechanic or a Technician?
  • and more

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Many of you have asked about supporting the show. For that I thank you. For now, the best things you can do are SHARE THE SHOW, and shop with my links on Amazon. You will not spend any more money that you would normally. Here is the Amazon link ~ Humble Mechanic on Amazon or you can check out some recommended tools I have listed below.

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