My Experience at Automotive Tech School

My Experience at Automotive Tech School

As you know I went to Automotive tech school. I attended Universal Technical Institute in 2002. My experience at automotive tech school was great. If not for tech school I would never have become a mechanic, and wouldn’t be doing videos. A lot of you guys have asked me about my experience in tech school, so today we talk about what it was like for me, and what I had to do to attend mechanic school

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3 replies
  1. Dubs
    Dubs says:

    Thanks for the video, I just had the vacuum pump on my 11 Jetta sportwagen. Two days after I saw more oil leaking from the same spot. Dealer says it’s just residual oil from them workin on it. Took it back to them and they stated the same thing and washed it off. I see and feel a bit more, how much residual oil should I expect?

  2. Russell Fain
    Russell Fain says:

    I had a similar experience with tech school. I was a horrible high school student, but tech provided me with a drive to do something I enjoyed while providing a foundation for what has turned out to be an awesome career. You’re absolutely right about using the personal loans to finance school. I’m still paying, and that interest takes part of my soul every time I make a payment.


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