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DSG Questions

VW DSG TRANSMISSONHey everyone. Today we are talking about DSG, or Direct Shift Gearbox transmissions. I posted on Facebook asking for YOUR questions on DSGs. The reason for that is, Jason from Engineering Explained joined me in the shop for a very in depth video on the DSG. I wanted to use that opportunity to answer your questions before his video comes out. Let me say, you guys are going to love that video.

Join me as I answer your questions on:

  • Using the Factory fill tool
  • Measuring the proper fluid level
  • Clutch wear life
  • The beer I am drinking 😉
  • Issues with hesitation at start
  • Awkwardness in stop and go traffic
  • Why does my DSG roll after pulling it in park
  • DSG vs PDK
  • DSG in a MK4
  • Why are they replacing manuals
  • DSG in a MK1 (WHAT THE WHAT??)
  • Showing some love for Engineering Explained AND EricTheCarGuy

If you are having problems viewing, watch “Viewer Questions on DSG Transmissions, Podcast Episode 30” on YouTube.

Thanks again to Jason from Engineering Explained (check out our VR6 video) for hanging out, and doing some fun video work. Remember, if you have a question you want to submit for a show like this (DSG or otherwise), email me Charles(at)Humblemechanic(dot)com, be sure to put QUESTION FOR CHARLES in the subject.
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funny stories

funny storiesWell folks we made it to another Friday. Because it is Friday, I thought it would be fun to share a few stories from the shop. This episode of the automotive podcast We get to have a few good laughs. Something a lot of us can use on a Friday 🙂

Today on the Show we chat about:

  • Funny things happen in every industry
  • Got yelled at about batteries when I worked in retail
  • Finding pot
  • Smelling pot
  • Passat with a secret compartment
  • Hotwheels
  • Growing mushrooms
  • Mold in a Touareg
  • Superman
  • Boogers

If you are having trouble viewing, see Funny Stories From The Shop, Podcast Episode 24 on Youtube.

As I said in the video, share your best work story in the comments below. I hope that you all enjoyed this show. If this is something you would like me to do more of, let me know in the comments below.

Failed VW intake Manifold

Hi Everybody,(I hope you said, ‘Hi Dr. Nick’)

Today we are continuing the Tuesday episodes where we look at a failed VW or Audi part. This is like the podcast and Shop Shots piled into one. The response to last weeks show about failed VW 2.0t water pumps was awesome. I am thrilled that you guys like these shows. So be sure to remember that Tuesdays are failed part analysis days.

Sponsor of the day!Deutsche Auto Parts
You read that right. We have our very first sponsor. I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring on Deutsche Auto Parts on as a sponsor. They are a great company to work with. Check them out for your Audi and VW parts needs. They also do great how to videos for many common VW and Audi repairs. Remember that if I ever bring someone on as an official sponsor, that is a PERSONAL endorsement by me, as well as my advisory counsel.

How VW 2.0t TSI Intake Manifolds Fail
Today we are looking at the intake manifold for the CCTA 2.0T engine. This is a rather common repair that we do at the dealer. It fails in a few ways. There is also a warranty extension on SOME of the 2.0t engines for the intake manifold. Be sure to contact your local dealer to see if your VW qualifies.

We look closer at the 2.0t intake manifold

  • How it fails
  • Faults that may show intake manifold failure
  • Drive-ability issues with a failed intake manifold
  • How it fails
  • Intake manifold runner sticks
  • Intake manifold solenoid fails
  • Connecting rod for runner breaks
  • Sensor fails
  • Ways to test the intake manifold
  • Replacing intake manifold
  • Other repairs to consider with intake manifold removed
  • Injector seals
  • Carbon cleaning
  • DIY replacing 2.0t VW intake manifold
  • And more…

If you are having trouble viewing on the blog, check out the video on YouTube at Podcast Episode 20 How VW 2.0t TSI Intake Manifolds Fail.

Thanks for watching. I am excited to share this type of show with you guys. Don’t forget that you can subscribe here on the blog for updates. As always, your feedback and comments are very important. Please feel free to join the conversation, and post your thoughts below.

Humble Mechanic Logo

Happy Monday everyone. Today on the Automotive podcast, we are talking about doing free work as a technician, or mechanic ;). You join me on the road again and in studio today. I shot this video last week while traveling.

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was spent hanging out at home with my wife and the dogs. I worked at the shop Friday and Saturday, and spent Sunday building some furniture I got at Ikea. Boy do those folks at Ikea know how to pack boxes.

Today we talk about Doing Free Work As A Technician:

  • A quick review of flat rate. Full show about Flat Rate
  • What do I mean by “free work”
  • How we get pulled into doing free work
  • How free work can be bad for a tech
  • How it is good for techs
  • Jobs you should NOT be doing for free
  • Time investments

If you have trouble viewing on the blog, visit “Podcast Episode 19 Doing Free Work As A Technician” on YouTube

That wraps up another episode of The Humble Mechanic Podcast. It is pretty much the best podcast about the automotive world you can find. For those of you waiting for the audio only version, hang tight. It is coming. I will be adding that to Itunes ASAP.

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Humble Mechanic Logo

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. Today on the Automotive Podcast we have a great yet touchy topic. Is VW reliability a problem, or is it perception. I had written a blog post years ago about this very topic. It is one of the most commented on posts on the blog. You can check it out at VW reliability problems.

I understand that there are a lot of folks that have very strong feelings about this exact topic. I also know that many folks have experienced the pain of having a huge repair bill on VWs. But you can take the VW out of the conversation, and input any other manufacturer. That is right, people have big repair bills with Toyota too. I also realize that there is truth to the issues that VWs have. I am a dealer tech, I see it all the time.

Today on the Automotive Podcast we discuss:

  • Why this topic came back up
  • VW ranks 5 from the bottom on J.D. Power
  • Why I “promote” VW as a brand? I DON’T!
  • My affinity for the brand
  • VW are not the right car for everyone
  • What fuels the problems car manufacturers have
  • Buy what you like, and expect problems
  • The story about my CR-V
  • A salesman wants you to by their brand
  • We can substitute VW for any other car brand

Well that wraps up Episode 16. I know that I may have hit close to home with many of you. Feel free to post your comments below. Remember this is not me standing on a soap box. It is a community.

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Auto Mechainc's Tool Box

After talking about Prepping a car for winter yesterday, I have the holiday season on the brain. Now, this is NOT a holiday show, but I thought it would be a great time to talk about buying tools as a gift. So today on the automotive podcast, we are talking about things to consider when buying tools as gifts. I am also working on a guide to buying tools this holiday season. That will be coming out next week. I assure you, there will be awesome deals.

I am someone that has spent a lot of time researching tools. In addition to that time doing research, I have spent a TON of money on tools. So today’s show it really built on how to buy tools for anyone from the auto enthusiast, to the DIY homeowner. Also remember that gift cards are always awesome, but are not really personal.

On today’s automotive podcast we talk about:Auto mechanic tools

  • Thinking about who we are buying tools for
    • Car person
    • The Pro
    • The Woodworker
    • Electronics person
    • DIY homeowner
  • How to find the perfect tool
  • Buy nice or buy twice
  • Tool count does not equal value
  • What tools to aviod
  • Flames do not equal quality
  • Slam dunk gift ideas (I don’t mean basketball)
  • Less glamorous, but awesome tool ideas
  • MT Knives sharpening video

If you are having trouble viewing here, check out Buying Tools As A Gift on Youtube

As always, your comments and questions are welcome. I love hearing from you guys. If you have a show topic you want you can post it below, or use the contact me form.

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Humble Mechanic Logo

Happy Monday everyone.

I am finally getting back to the real world this week. As almost all of you know, I was traveling a ton at the end of October. Between a trip to Virgina for an ASE workshop and my trip to Austin for USGP I was toast. But now that I have a week back at work behind me, it’s time to get rolling again.

Today we are talking about a very timely subject. That is what techs can do when the shop is slow. Last week was very much that type of week for me. As techs we know that business is up and down. So planning for slow times, and making the most of them are vital.

Today we talk about:

  • Why is the shop slow:
    Time of year
    Poor shop habits (bad service advisors, advertising, ect)
  • What can you as a tech control?
    Are you looking over every car for maintenance and recall needs?(NOT IN A RIP OFF CUSTOMERS WAY!)
  • What if you have no car to work on?
    Time for training
  • Work around the shop
    Maintain shop equipment
    Review TSBs Learn other jobs(behind the parts counter, service advisor)
  • Learn new cars/ good cars
    Run baseline values and test repairs on known good units
  • Lot Cars
    Check the lot for cars with updates and recalls
    This is mostly a dealer thing
  • Check local car lots
    This is also a dealer thing. Check local used car lots for cars that may have updates

Well that raps up another episode. As always, post your questions and comments below. IF you have a topic for the show you can post it, or just contact me.

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