Podcast Episode 12, What To Do When The Shop Is Slow

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Happy Monday everyone.

I am finally getting back to the real world this week. As almost all of you know, I was traveling a ton at the end of October. Between a trip to Virgina for an ASE workshop and my trip to Austin for USGP I was toast. But now that I have a week back at work behind me, it’s time to get rolling again.

Today we are talking about a very timely subject. That is what techs can do when the shop is slow. Last week was very much that type of week for me. As techs we know that business is up and down. So planning for slow times, and making the most of them are vital.

Today we talk about:

  • Why is the shop slow:
    Time of year
    Poor shop habits (bad service advisors, advertising, ect)
  • What can you as a tech control?
    Are you looking over every car for maintenance and recall needs?(NOT IN A RIP OFF CUSTOMERS WAY!)
  • What if you have no car to work on?
    Time for training
  • Work around the shop
    Maintain shop equipment
    Review TSBs Learn other jobs(behind the parts counter, service advisor)
  • Learn new cars/ good cars
    Run baseline values and test repairs on known good units
  • Lot Cars
    Check the lot for cars with updates and recalls
    This is mostly a dealer thing
  • Check local car lots
    This is also a dealer thing. Check local used car lots for cars that may have updates

Well that raps up another episode. As always, post your questions and comments below. IF you have a topic for the show you can post it, or just contact me.

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