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Happy Monday everyone. Today on the Automotive podcast, we are talking about doing free work as a technician, or mechanic ;). You join me on the road again and in studio today. I shot this video last week while traveling.

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was spent hanging out at home with my wife and the dogs. I worked at the shop Friday and Saturday, and spent Sunday building some furniture I got at Ikea. Boy do those folks at Ikea know how to pack boxes.

Today we talk about Doing Free Work As A Technician:

  • A quick review of flat rate. Full show about Flat Rate
  • What do I mean by “free work”
  • How we get pulled into doing free work
  • How free work can be bad for a tech
  • How it is good for techs
  • Jobs you should NOT be doing for free
  • Time investments

If you have trouble viewing on the blog, visit “Podcast Episode 19 Doing Free Work As A Technician” on YouTube

That wraps up another episode of The Humble Mechanic Podcast. It is pretty much the best podcast about the automotive world you can find. For those of you waiting for the audio only version, hang tight. It is coming. I will be adding that to Itunes ASAP.

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7 replies
  1. Rob Hill
    Rob Hill says:

    Singing to the choir Charles. Completely on-board with your views, and have experienced similar benefits. I also agree that you have to be mindful of how much and when it is appropriate. Great pod cast bud!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    I completely agree with this video. While on some occasions it can help drum up more business to help someone out or do a little work for a friend, by and large mechanic work is a valuable skill that not everyone has and as a result sometimes people try to take advantage.

    -Matt @ Floorjacked

  3. Andy Fabbro
    Andy Fabbro says:

    Great video, I have been a VW and Audi tech at the deal from 2002-2013 and have opened my own shop now. Very true points you bring up. Obviously doing free work can be good and can be bad, I think that some people will easily take advantage of the tech, a whole give them an inch and they expect a mile senario, but I do agree with you that doing the small stuff like you had mentioned is key to earning respect and credibility and is the right thing to do. Great video great topic.

  4. Eric Nako
    Eric Nako says:

    Great points to bring up! I also have similar policies for all things related to “family business” like lending money and going into business together. Without it, things could get really awkward- especially during the holiday season!

  5. Joey
    Joey says:

    I love the podcast. I do have a question sort of related to free work (I’m a customer): How does it affect technicians when the service advisor offers to shave 10% or 15% off of a repair bill? Also, how do the coupons that VW mails me affect technicians?


  6. waylon smith
    waylon smith says:

    My experience at my vw dealership….if you ever volunteer to do free work then you are feeding stray cats…you will all of a sudden be the “go to guy” for free shit unfortunately. Also, I’ve learned that not complaining about warranty work has scored me pretty much all of the warranty work….I’m pretty sure I’m at a shady shop


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