How To Reboot Your Car ~ Battery VooDoo

Battery voodoo
Battery voodoo

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Modern cars are basically rolling computer storage. As with all computers, vehicle computers get fussy from time to time. A computer acting fussy can lead to strange electrical problems in our cars. One easy way to reset the entire car system is to perform battery voodoo. In the VW repair world this is also called a Cap Discharge, or Capacitive Discharge. That is a fine thing to call it, but it’s not exactly what we are doing.

This hard reset on the car has fixed a lot of strange issues for me. Everything from radio and lighting issues, to gauges reading funny, and electrical components not working. This is a relatively safe process, but you will always want to take extra precautions to keep yourself safe and not damage your car.

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  1. Morgan
    Morgan says:

    This is a wonderful way to explain car maintenance work. We found it difficult to maintain our car. If we create some interest in automobiles, we can fix small problems arising in cars. In this way, we can save our money.The best thing is to start from scratch. There are important parts in cars like Ball-Joints, Control Arms and steering knuckle which forms an important part of our vehicle. These parts constitute important functioning of the car.

  2. Ellie Hemsworth
    Ellie Hemsworth says:

    Thanks for helping me out to understand the basic aspects which should be taken into consideration while rebooting the car battery. The electrical system of the car and its computer plays a critical role in the performance of the vehicle. Deformities in this system could bring the vehicle to a halt in the middle of nowhere. So, any signs which indicate that the electrical system and the computer have some sort of dysfunctions should not be ignored. Such issues need to be addressed immediately.

  3. Buyprobattery
    Buyprobattery says:

    Thanks for the delightful information about the rebooting system of the battery, which I guess is kind of a new topic to me, thanks again for sharing the wonderful experience of yours.

  4. RD Schwartz
    RD Schwartz says:

    My 96 cabriolet won’t pass smog on the Low RPMs on the dyno. Calif. “star” testing says the computer is not talking to the components and needs to reset. “Go drive 50 miles and come back. Will this voodoo reset the computer? Or they say may be the cat. which does’t make sense since emissions are ok at high RPM. You said some 90’s vehicles may have problems doing this reset technique. HELP!! Thanks


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