How The VW CC Trunk Harness Fails ~ Video

How The VW CC Trunk Harness Fails ~ Video Today we are looking at how the harness for all the rear lighting in a VW CC fails. If you have rear lighting not working, it may be due to the harness being split in the trunk. I have seen this issue give some techs a run for their money. Even though a light out is generally the bulb, you can’t discount the wiring too.

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Join me today as we break into the CC trunk harness:

  • What is the CC Trunk harness
  • What wiring issues happen with the CC trunk harness
  • How the CC trunk harness fails
  • Symptoms of CC trunk harness failure
  • Diagnosing CC trunk harness failure
  • Time to failure
  • Fix the wiring or replace the wiring
  • DIY or not to DIY
  • MKV door harness failure video
  • and more

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