How to gap and replace spark plugs

Spark plugs are on of those automotive terms that almost everyone has heard of. But do you REALLY know the ins and outs of what a spark plug is? Today we are going to explore the wonderful world of your engine’s spark plugs. Remember that this video is an informative and in-depth video. Your vehicle’s engine may have some additional steps to removing or replacing spark plugs. Some cars even have 2 per cylinder. As always please be careful when working on your car.

Join me today as we discuss:

  • What are the parts of a spark plug?
  • What does a spark plug do?
  • What happens after a spark plug “sparks”
  • How to determine spark plug size
  • What is the reach of a spark plug?
  • Determining heat range of a spark plug
  • What happens when a Spark plug is too hot or cold
  • Spark plug gap tools
  • How to gap a spark plug
  • Removing coils and plugs
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “What You Need To Know About Spark Plugs” on YouTube.

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  1. Kael Wilson
    Kael Wilson says:

    The basic mechanism of a spark plug is to deliver electric currrent to the combustion chamber to ignite the compressed fuel. It is important to have a basic knowledge about spark plugs and combustion system of a vehicle. Informative video.

  2. Theodore Myers
    Theodore Myers says:

    Thanks for sharing detailed write-up on Spark Plugs. It is important to have a basic knowledge about spark plugs and combustion system of a vehicle. Informative video.

  3. Dan
    Dan says:

    I just bought new spark plugs for my 1.25 Ford Fiesta 2008-2012 MK6. The problem is that the spark plugs are for LPG and my engine is petrol(running with petrol). I make a bit of research and sames that LPG iridium sparks work better then the petrol one. The engine works fine, maybe less vibration, steady idle. The question is to keep them or to change them with the normal ones?


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