REBATE ~ DENSO Iridium TT Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are something that are often taken for granted. That is until our engine has a problem. Almost everyone has heard of Denso and their roll in the spark plug world. Now, I know what your are thinking “Charles, you are a Euro guy, Denso plugs are for Asian imports”. Well you are right, Denso’s Iridium TT Spark Plugs work awesome in that environment. In fact I ran Denso Plugs in my wife’s Nissan. Denso also makes spark plugs to fit a number of application, and is the choice of tuning companies like NeuSpeed. Denso TT plugs are also on rebate so you can save a up to $16

Photo - Denso - Iridium TT Spark Plug - Spark Plug ProfileNow there is more than meets the eye when it comes to spark plugs. I have replaced tons of spark plugs over the years of fixing cars. While many of them were simply due to maintenance, there have been plenty of failed spark plugs. Some times that means the spark plug was faulty, other times it was due to the wrong spark plugs being stalled. Installing great quality spark plugs is vital to engine performance, power, and fuel economy

Twin Tip Technology
The technology behind Iridium Twin Tip is less obstruction to the spark allowing an omni-directional explosion. This minimizes the quenching effect and results in a more effective, more complete combustion.  The large center and ground electrodes seen on a Standard Plug increases “quenching” of the explosion, meaning the spark explosion is restricted by the electrodes above and below the gap, allowing it to spread to either side, but not grow with full range. Twin Tip Technology overcomes this with a unique design, there are literally two “tips”: a 0.4-millimeter Iridium center electrode, and a 0.7-millimeter Platinum ground electrode.

There are a lot of aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair that require the proper parts. So whether you are driving a stock Acura, or a modified car, do not let poor quality spark plugs hinder your engine performance and fuel economy. You can pick up Denso spark plugs as well as many engine parts at

“This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by DENSO to review this product”


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  1. Tilsun Group
    Tilsun Group says:

    See I never knew about Denso plugs until now. I usually order cheap ones off Ebay. But now thanks to your article I will start using these, Whenever I need a spark plug change that is.

  2. Tan N.
    Tan N. says:

    If Denso is for japanese cars, shouldn’t the same be assumed for NGK? Too bad most people didn’t know that Denso pioneered the irdium alloy spark plug technology, including its manufacturing process.

    Interestingly enough Denso since the MKV’s have become a Original Equipment Manufacturer for VWAG.

    Too bad their aftermarket Spark Plugs… don’t come in the .8mm gap needed for the BPY,CCTA, CBFA, etc motor. If their plugs were available in the .8mm, instead of their standard 1.1mm, I would use them.

    • Tan N.
      Tan N. says:

      Back in the day, when I tried them, they were 1.1mm gap, and and even adjusting the ground electrode, the misfired immediately… and had to put the NGK’s back in… at that time, I think it was PFR6Q (which was before VW started using the PFR7S8EG). My old Toyotas liked the Denso stuff (and TOyota used to own a huge chunk of Denso)


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