What Does SYSTEM LEAN Mean For Your Car

What The Heck Is SYSTEM LEAN? No one likes when the check engine comes on in their car. One of the more common issues with check engine lights is a system lean fault P0171 is the most common fault code. This fault can be tricky to diagnose if you don’t understand what system lean really means. This can be too much air, or not enough fuel at the engine. System lean is not hard to diagnose, once you understand it.

Join me today as we discuss:p0171 system lean

  • One of the most asked questions I get
  • Perception of unmetered air/not enough fuel
  • Calculation based on feedback from sensors
  • How does it happen
  • O2 sensor voltage
  • Correction by ECM
  • VCDS Reading
  • VCDS Demo
  • System Rich VS System Lean
  • Diagnose system lean on my Passat
  • and more

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