Southern Worthersee VW And Euro Car Show

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Every May the small town of Helen, GA hosts a European car show called Southern Worthersee. It is the US’s answer to the car show in Austria called Wothersee. Helen, GA is a replica of an Alpine village, and is one of the top tourist spots in Georgia. It really looks like a German mountain town.

This year I was able to make the trip for part of the show. The little town was packed with Volkswagens and Audis.Everything from brand new Golf Rs, and Audi RS4s to old air cooled Beetles and buses. There were so many cars there, it was hard to take it all in. I know that I missed some really awesome stuff. I think next year we will make a vacation out of it.

Here are the pictures that I took. If you find a your car, please post that it’s yours, and tell us a little about it. If you know who owns the car, please let them know. The one thing I wish people would do is, put a stat sheet on the car. That way people like me can give them the proper shout out and tell folks more about their car.

I did my best to get all the information correct. If I labeled something wrong(mk1 instead of a mk2) PLEASE just post it in the comments.

Thanks to everyone that was involved. It was also great to meet all of you. To the ones that I didn’t get a chance to talk to, I am really sorry.

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  1. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    None of those cars belong to me, but that is a great collection of cars in one place. Thanks for posting all of these pictures. I love that VW bus. Classic. And that custom VW Beetle is pretty cool, too.

      • Scott
        Scott says:

        Hey now! That is my bus and I appreciate the compliment. Wish there had been more aircooled vehicles at SoWo but we had a pretty fun gathering nonetheless.
        My bus is a 1967 Riviera camper. Began life on February 20, 1967 as a panel van. Was shipped to the pacific northwest USA and converted to a camper by the Riviera company. It is wearing newer [albeit incorrect for the year but i love the old 50s paint schemes] palm green/sand green single stage paint (originally all white) and has been upgraded to a 1600 engine [from a ’71 bug] to take its power up to 57hp. The bus ain’t fast but it is fun!

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  3. Ty'Eira M. Morrison
    Ty'Eira M. Morrison says:

    You see the white stickerbombed ’85 Cabriolet on the gold BBS’s? I now own that car as of six weeks ago, and it looks way worse than that now. I now have to rebuild that entire car.

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