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Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. For me it was an amazingly busy weekend. The highlight was attending the Black Forest Industries OktoberFest! This is the third year that Black Forest has held this car show. I didn’t attend the first year, but the show has really grown in number of cars.

I also had a chance to meet quite a few of you. That was really the best part. Checking out all the really nice VWs and Audis is cool. I really do enjoy meeting you folks and chatting cars with ya. Here are some of my favorite cars from the show. If you know who owns any of the cars, please comment and let me know.

As you can see there are some great cars. I didn’t get pictures of all of them. I really do like this event. It is small enough to really enjoy. Plus it is super local for me. 😉 Remember if you own any of these cars, or know the owner, send them over. They deserve credit for their ride!

Thanks for checking out this year’s BFI Oktoberfest pictures.

Southern Worthersee Banner

Every May the small town of Helen, GA hosts a European car show called Southern Worthersee. It is the US’s answer to the car show in Austria called Wothersee. Helen, GA is a replica of an Alpine village, and is one of the top tourist spots in Georgia. It really looks like a German mountain town.

This year I was able to make the trip for part of the show. The little town was packed with Volkswagens and Audis.Everything from brand new Golf Rs, and Audi RS4s to old air cooled Beetles and buses. There were so many cars there, it was hard to take it all in. I know that I missed some really awesome stuff. I think next year we will make a vacation out of it.

Here are the pictures that I took. If you find a your car, please post that it’s yours, and tell us a little about it. If you know who owns the car, please let them know. The one thing I wish people would do is, put a stat sheet on the car. That way people like me can give them the proper shout out and tell folks more about their car.

I did my best to get all the information correct. If I labeled something wrong(mk1 instead of a mk2) PLEASE just post it in the comments.

Thanks to everyone that was involved. It was also great to meet all of you. To the ones that I didn’t get a chance to talk to, I am really sorry.

Carolina Collector Auto Fest Pictures

Today we are taking a little different turn from our normal pictures. With car show season coming up, I thought it would be cool to do a Shop Shots car show edition. This car show was something a little different for me. It was the Carolina Collector Auto Fest. This show deals mainly in old American made cars, and some really cool memorabilia.

This is not my “thing” when it comes to cars. That doesn’t really matter. There is still an amazing amount of history and innovation at these type of shows. Seeing car parts from the 40’s and 50’s is really cool. Think about how some technologies have come so far, and yet some are still basically the same. Okay, let’s get into some pictures!

Some pretty cool cars. I did learn one thing. Make sure to take pictures of what type of car each one is. I don’t know my old cars well enough. If you can identify some of them, please post it in the comments.

Dubs For A Cause Charity Car Show

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of being a sponsor for Dubs For A Cause. A local car show that raises both money and canned goods for charities. This year they were collecting canned good for H2O tuning NC. They will be donating them to a local food back for the holidays. The cash donations were collected and giving to IFOPA (Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva – Stoneman Syndrome). You can read more about them at www.ifopa.org/.

For me it is always a good time to get out to shows. I get some great ideas for the project I am working on at that time. When you pile that on top of being for charity, I am all in. So here are some of the cars that came out for the show. Thanks again to my buddy Stephen for some really great shots.

I hope that you like the shots. Anytime you get a chance to help out some folks in need, please do it. You might not miss the few dollars, but it will mean a lot to the people that need it.

Thanks to all the other sponsors that donated. It was a nice turn out. When I find out the totals I will be sure to post them. Swing by the Humble Mechanic Facebook page today. Give the folks that donated a like, and thank them for being awesome! I will tag them in the post.


black forest industries Oktoberfest

Happy Monday everyone!

I want to use today to give you all a recap of the Volkswagen show that I went to this weekend. On Saturday a local tuning shop Black Forest Industries held their second Oktoberfest. Surprisingly it is a German car show, with some German food, and local NC Beer.

I was able to roll out of work a little early and head over. Even though BFI is just on the other side of town, this was the first time I had been up there. Pretty lame that a really cool VW tuning shop is so close to me and I had never been.

black forest industries Oktoberfest

More shots of the Eurowise VR6 mk1

As with any time of show like this, first stop was the beer tent for a great local IPA from Natty Greene’s. Then I got to hang out with some friends to chat about cars, beer, and the food they had. As luck would have it, we were parked next to the Eurowise tent. Let me tell you that the guys from Eurowise in Charlotte,NC are awesome guys. They had their VR6 Cabriolet with them. Seeing this car in person really game me a kick in the butt to get working! They also gave me some inside info on the parts I NEED and the ones that I can pass on. I will be making the trip down to visit them, and pick up the VR6 kit for the Cabby. Seriously check these guys out.

I spent the next few hours checking out all the cars. There were some really great cars. Some folks with awesome taste in cars. VWs with incredible attention to detail. The kind of touch that most people would never even catch.

I also had the great opportunity to meet some readers of the blog. To be honest, THAT was the best part. It is really a total honer to meet people that I know because of the site. If any of you are ever in Raleigh, or the local area, please let me know. I would be more than happy to grab a pint with you!

Here are some pictures from the show. I have to give some photo credit to my buddy Stephen for some of the great shots.