Some Down Sides Of Being A Technician ~ Podcast Episode 55

Some Down Sides Of Being A Technician ~ Audio Podcast Episode 55

Today on the Automotive Podcast, we turn down a little different path. We look at some of the down sides of being an automotive technician. This is a road that I don’t love to go down that often. It can lead to getting stuck in a cycle of being negative. But I also feel like it is important to address. Like with any job, things are not perfect. But through out the show, I want you to be thinking about this, “Things are what you make of them”.

Join me today as we dive into:

  • Keeping this show positive.
  • Is it really that bad?
  • No jobs are perfect
  • Being a tech is physically demanding
  • You body is often in an awkward position
  • Being a tech can be dangerous.
  • Other people not being safe
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Negative attitude from general public
  • Perception of being easily replaceable
  • The unrealistic things techs are expected to know.
  • and more

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3 replies
  1. Pete Callahan
    Pete Callahan says:

    Once again you nailed it Charles. Great advice and insight especially for the new techs out there. Best point for the youngsters out there, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, “THERE IS NO PERFECT JOB”. I would of stayed a wrench if not for an injury in my twenties and after all the jobs since being a mechanic was the most rewarding, humbling, frustrating, fun, physically challenging, mentally challenging, educational…should I go on? In short, the best job ever. If you really love it and have that knack for the mechanical challenges then it just becomes something like Zen and the art of automotive maintenance. As far as the perception from the general public, screw ’em, they are not worthy.

  2. andrew
    andrew says:

    I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos I stumbled upon you a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that somewhere out there someone thought like I did about this business. I’m Chrysler trim tech (electrical/interior) and I really enjoy what I do. Is it easy? No. Is it challenging? Yes. But I enjoy what I do and its like you said you need to have the right attitude or you will hate your job. A lot of the guys I work with hate third job. They’re good at it but hate it. I enjoy coming to work and working hard. Its good to see that someone else is out there who feels the same. Great video look forward to your future ones.


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