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Some Down Sides Of Being A Technician ~ Audio Podcast Episode 55

Today on the Automotive Podcast, we turn down a little different path. We look at some of the down sides of being an automotive technician. This is a road that I don’t love to go down that often. It can lead to getting stuck in a cycle of being negative. But I also feel like it is important to address. Like with any job, things are not perfect. But through out the show, I want you to be thinking about this, “Things are what you make of them”.

Join me today as we dive into:

  • Keeping this show positive.
  • Is it really that bad?
  • No jobs are perfect
  • Being a tech is physically demanding
  • You body is often in an awkward position
  • Being a tech can be dangerous.
  • Other people not being safe
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Negative attitude from general public
  • Perception of being easily replaceable
  • The unrealistic things techs are expected to know.
  • and more

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