Shop Shots Volume 27 Insider Pictures of Automotive Service

Shop Shots Automotive serivce pictures

I feel like I have been posting  a lot of car pictures lately. But hey, pictures are fun right? I dug deep into the archives for some good pics today.

Shop Shots Automotive serivce picturesBOOST!!! This is a close up picture of a turbo charger. This is the side the exhaust bolts to. Turbos chargers are pretty easy to understand.

As exhaust gas exits the engine, it turns this little wheel. This wheel is connected to another wheel called the compressor wheel. This compresses the air coming into the engine. When the air is compressed, more air can fit into the cylinder. More air into the engine means more fuel can be used. More air+more fuel is more power!

This particular turbo is bad. the wheel came loose. It made one heck of a noise when boosted was built. Then is just stopped working all together.

Shop Shots Automotive serivce picturesWhat you are looking at here is a coolant flange. This is actually the coolant flange that I replaced on my Passat 1.8t. This is a pretty common things on most 4 cylinder VWs. The issue generally comes from engine oil.

How can oil make a coolant leak?

Excellent question. Generally what happens is oil leaks onto this flange. The oil will seep onto the seal. This will cause the seal to expand. This will eventually cause coolant to leak past the seal. This is one reason to not put off repairing an oil leak. It can cause a coolant leak too.

Shop Shots Automotive serivce picturesIt has taken me forever to find this picture. I know the quality is just awful. It was taken with my BlackBerry from years ago. We had a really bad storm at the dealership. It knocked over a few big trees and caused a ton of hail damage. This is an Accord that got totaled! The weird thing is, they put the tree back up. It is still standing today.

The other strange this is the damage that we had. There were 300+ Hondas that had hail damage. Plus the 3 or 4 that got totaled from this tree. We had 4 VWs that had hail damage. What does that say about the build quality of Honda vs Volkswagen?

Shop Shots Automotive serivce picturesI was going through the setup for our new VW diagnostic software. When these type of updates come out, I found it VERY necessary to follow the process step by step. This is a the list of our current scan tools. My dealer has the 5051B, and 2 6150 laptops. This is the first I have heard of the 6160 tablet. I can only assume that VW is coming out with some type of Ipad like device. How cool would it be to have an Ipad as the vehicle scan tool?

It also makes me wonder what the price point would be.Generally our scan tools cost a fortune. The 6150 laptop costs about $5000, and that is without the test equipment box. That is another $6000.

Well that wraps up another volume of Shop Shots in the books. I do need a little help from everyone. The help I need is pretty simple. I just need everyone to answer this question.

What do you buy for you, or your car online?

Tools? Car parts? Car wash stuff? I want to put together a little discount club for everyone. I want to make sure that I can include the things you guys want, or already buy. Just with a discount. Help me out everyone. I want to make this a really great program for you guys.


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  1. marty
    marty says:

    Discount? You have an audience! (Not that you didn’t before.) Internet parts orders are something I do two or three times a year at least. I live near Boston, but buy all of my OEM VW parts from a Washington state dealership because of the price break. Having a reliable East Coast alternative in any way associated with you would be great.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I buy anything that is cheaper than in the stores haha. Mostly expensive car parts that are cheaper online or anything electronic. I’m currently looking for HIDs

  3. Matt C.
    Matt C. says:

    I bought a car stereo online… but besides that I just go to the local store so I can return the item if it doesn’t work/fit.

    I liked the photo of the turbo.. never saw one b4.

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Car stereo, Thanks Matt. I am with you on the local store thing. That is what I am struggling get around.

      That reminds me, it is time to start shopping for a new radio for my Passat. I really want Blue Tooth..

      • Jeremy
        Jeremy says:

        My friend has one in his Mazda 3. Its great, he can play music wirelessly in his car, not to mention talk on the phone

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    We’ve bought everything from brake pads to fenders to key fobs online. And yes, we’ve returned very large items that weren’t the right thing. But overall – we’ll get online if the savings justifies the risk of having to do a return.

    PS Don’t laugh, but I’m still trying to figure out how they got the tree back up…

  5. Sindy Lotton
    Sindy Lotton says:

    Many modern vehicles are euipped with premium audio systems that are not easily replaced. If your stereo or door panel has a logo on it (BOSE, JBL, Harmon, Infinity, etc.), you probably have a premium audio system. If your vehicle has a factory-made “premium” audio system, stop now and go pay a qualified professional to replace it.’

    Look at our internet site too


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