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Published on June 13, 2012 under Shop Shots

Ah Wednesday, I can’t think of a better day to post some really cool auto mechanic pictures! Let me also say that I am really sorry about missing yesterday’s post. I don’t like leaving you guys with out some content. Should that happen, you can always go back in the archives and see some of my early “work”. Some of it is just awful. It might be worth a read just for that. 😉  Okay, enough of that lets get into some Shop Shots!


First up is a picture that make me sick! This is the guts of a Routan transmission. I posted a picture of the inside of the case last week. Here you are looking at the stack of clutch packs, snap rings, seals, and plates. The parts all disassembled belong to the input clutch assembly. That one of many parts that make the engine power transfer to the transmission. I spent so much time trying to put the trans back together it is not even funny. Long story short, 1 guy took out the trans, 1 guy disassembled the trans, and I got to put it back together. This is round 2 of trying to put it back together. The whole story is kinda interesting. I think it deserves it own post. Maybe tomorrow..


It is crazy what a car looks like with a bumper isn’t it? Here you are looking at a newer, 09 I think, Jetta TDI. The car came in for an A/C problem. The mechanic working on it found that the compressor was bad. As part of the repair, he replaced the compressor, replaced the condenser, the drier, and the expansion valve. The key part of this repair is cleaning the lines of the system. If debris stays in the lines, it can cause failure of any A/C parts down the road. This is another reason that have only qualified people work on your car’s A/C system!



As bad as the transmission is, this is not much better. One of the guys a few bays down from me is doing some internal engine work. You are looking at the top end of a 2.0t from a GTI. The customers concern was it was burning oil. The mechanic verified and now it is time to find out why. He removed the cylinder head in order to remove the pistons and check the rings. This is a whole lot of parts just to inspect a few rings.

We have seen this issue on a few of the early 2.0t engines. It is not as big of an epidemic as you might read about, but we have repaired a few. Just a reminder to check your oil!

Failed VW tireThis picture didn’t come out as good as I thought it did. What you are looking at here another failed tire. The “cut” you see in the tire is actually a defect in the tire. If you look close, you can see the cords of the tire coming out.

When I took the tire off, I snagged my glove on the sharp metal cord. At first, I could not tell if there was just something in the tire. A little tug with some pliers and I found the cords were pulling. It was ripping the sidewall of the tire open. I could not find any damage to the tire or the rim. So outside influence was not an option. This is just a simple manufacturer defect in the tire. I see a lot of issues with tires, but I can say, this is among the strangest.

I think that will wrap up this weeks Shop Shots! What do you guys think might be worse to take apart and put back together, ENGINES or TRANSMISSION? Post it up 😀

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  1. Garrett craven

    I’d say Trans. I don’t like transmissions Lol. Thanks for this post though. gave me suttin to read while I wait for assistance Lol my gas tank just fell out from under my work truck :-\ damn fords lol

      1. Garrett craven

        Yes…ON THE GROUND! Lol the straps were all rusted up an luckily I was only doing 10 mph on a long bumpy driveway rather than 70 mph on the highway! Basically it was the first time we filled the tank 100% since we put it on the road. I heard a Thump and dragging sound so I stopped an looked under my trailer then the truck an said “oh shit!” Lol luckily I just replaced the fuel supply line and breather line cuz that’s all that was holdin it to the truck haha thank God I tightened them clamps good and it’s a plastic fuel tank :).

    1. Joseph Frederick

      I’ve seen at least two fords on the side of the road that the gas tanks fell out of over the years. One was a fairmont wagon and I can’t remember what the other was but do know it was a ford.

  2. Joseph Frederick

    I would like to know about the transmission ordeal??? When somethind like that happens does your employer pay you the flat rate time or time you have into it? I would want paid the time I have into it myself.

    1. Charles

      The issue with the trans is REALLY complicated. I am not sure how the whole thing will plan out just yet. The 2 other techs on the job are out. I will do a whole post about it, and how it paid when soon. VERY crazy situation…

      As far as the A/C, we just take it down enough to replace the condenser. No need to drain the coolant, mess with fans, or cooler hoses. That being said, the tech working on it does not always do things the easy way. HA!

      1. Joseph Frederick

        I guy I work with did a rad support in a VW (can’t remember the model) within the past year and didn’t disconnect the impact sensor wires. Ripped them both off and guess who got stuck repairing them? lol He’s a major idiot! Today he set a rear gate off a SUV on a stand and it fell breaking the glass the needed to be transfered to the new gate. lol Just had to share that…

  3. Joseph Frederick

    How come the tech doing the a/c job didn’t pull the rad,cond,inter-cooler and fans out as an assembly with the rad support and rebar? Just asking cause I changed a rad support in an 08′ GTI 2.0t today and it looked much easier to pull all that stuff out with the support than leaving it hang and trying to fight it back together…

  4. Brandon

    I’d have to say engine because of all the parts there are that make it work. I watched a video of a ford contour being repaired becuse the owner went 40,000 miles w/o any oil changes. It took a LOOONNNNGG time to rip it apart and clean the inside.

      1. Brandon

        hahaha yes he was taking apart because he had to scrape the dry crusted oil out of the engine! while he was doing it he kept saying something that reminds me of you, “See folks this is why you change your oil regularly” I guess it was a few thousand dollars to fully fix her car.

          1. Brandon

            not quite, it would have been i guess 7K for a new engine and it was only 3-4K for this repair, but REALLY labor intensive. The mechanic basically had to chizzle out 3 yr old dried oil. Definately agree that it would be cheeper if she had kept with routine maitence in the first place!

      1. Gary

        I’m not suprised, fair play to you for giving it a go though! I’m a mechanic myself but tears would be shed at the thought of putting that lot back together if I hadn’t taken it apart. (If that sounds odd I’m british lol)

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