Rally Car Technician For A Day ~ Podcast Episode 81

VW Mechanic

Volkswagen Rally BeetleI have been a Volkswagen master tech for several years now. Reaching that level of certification was a goal of mine from the start of my career. I was extremely excited when I achieved that goal, but today it is just a normal part of life. In fact I don’t give it much thought anymore. Other than when someone tries to throw it back in my face. That is a topic for another time.

Well VW has finally got a program to give master techs a little perk. That is the chance to work with Volkswagen Motorsports and Andretti Autosports for a day. VW has been in the Global Rally Cross (GRC) for 2 seasons. With a team so new, they need help from time to time. When a race rolls in to town they invite local 2 local VW master techs to come out and work with the team for a day. What a cool idea. And thank you VW for doing something extra for your techs.

Join me today as in chat:

  • Red Bull GRC
  • A tough day for VW
  • What I really liked about GRC
  • This is NOT your street beetle
  • Not an easy job
  • and more

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