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NASCAR Pit TourIt turns out there is more to NASCAR than just making a car go left. Today we are talking some really interesting things about NASCAR from a former crew member and NASCAR expert. We are also going to learn about how important a sponsor like Pennzoil is to a NASCAR team. Pennzoil engine oil on Amazon 

The YouTube fellas in my group!

Join me today as we chat:
~Meeting fellow YouTubers
~Chat with Joey Logano
~The BEST tour!
~NASCAR Dry sump oil system and heating engine oil
~Race fuel, fuel cans, and E15 gas
~Todd Gordan Joey’s Crew Chief
~Why it’s important to Team Penske to have Pennzoil.
~Engine oil from natural gas?
~DIY engine oil change
~and more

This video has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Kobalt400 #Pennzoil

Trouble viewing? Watch “Do You Know NASCAR and Engine Oil?” on YouTube.

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VW Mechanic

Volkswagen Rally BeetleI have been a Volkswagen master tech for several years now. Reaching that level of certification was a goal of mine from the start of my career. I was extremely excited when I achieved that goal, but today it is just a normal part of life. In fact I don’t give it much thought anymore. Other than when someone tries to throw it back in my face. That is a topic for another time.

Well VW has finally got a program to give master techs a little perk. That is the chance to work with Volkswagen Motorsports and Andretti Autosports for a day. VW has been in the Global Rally Cross (GRC) for 2 seasons. With a team so new, they need help from time to time. When a race rolls in to town they invite local 2 local VW master techs to come out and work with the team for a day. What a cool idea. And thank you VW for doing something extra for your techs.

Join me today as in chat:

  • Red Bull GRC
  • A tough day for VW
  • What I really liked about GRC
  • This is NOT your street beetle
  • Not an easy job
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Rally Car Technician For A Day ~ Podcast Episode 81” on YouTube.

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Juan Pablo Montya

While at the Grand Prix of Houston, I was able to sit in on a round table chat with race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya. He has been all around the racing world including Indy, F1 and Nascar. We get to her him talk about cars, both racing and personal, driving, and some amazingly awesome life advice.

Oh, and 2 of the guys asking questions are none other than Eric the Car Guy, and Jason from Engineering Explained!

Some really great stuff from Juan. It is great to see someone open up and drop some unexpected live advice on you.

Also Thanks to the folks at Shell. This trip to Houston was sponsored and hosted by Shell.