How To Properly Check A Serpentine Belt

As a professional mechanic, there are many items we check on cars. We not only look for broken or failing car parts, but we look for maintenance items as well. Over the years serpentine belts and “V-belt” have been a common part that require maintenance. Back when I first started, a simple visual inspection was all that a mechanic really needed to spot a bad serpentine belt. Today that is not the case. New compounds used to make belts, have not eliminated the need for replacement, but have made checking the belts a little more challenging. Today find out why.

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Join David from CRP and I as we discuss:

  • How we used to check serpentine belts
  • What is different about today’s serpentine belt
  • How serpentine belts wear today
  • How to properly check serpentine belts
  • The tools required to checking a serpentine belt
  • New belt vs worn out belt.
  • Get a tool by emailing and request a Contitester.
  • Serpentine belt rollers and tensioners
  • How rollers can fail
  • Why it is good to replace as a pair
  • and more

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5 replies
  1. Anthony Brush
    Anthony Brush says:

    We should also check the belt tension on the length and examine the pulleys as it can cause a major defect to the engine.

  2. Michael Merta
    Michael Merta says:

    I have a 2009 VW CC high line.
    I bought the car 2013 used with 53000km on the odometer.
    Now I have 117000km and wonder about change belt and pulley,but I looked in the tensioner pulley it’s very long and comes with other parts? Sort of washer and bold.
    Charles do you have any Video about this particular case,car?


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