Eurowise VR6 Thermostat Housing Review ~ Video

Aluminium VR6 housing

Today we are going to be checking out the Eurowise aluminium thermostat housing for AAA VR6. Eurowise has become the go to place for VR6 goodies. And specifically VR6 swaps into MK1 cars. I used their kit on my Cabby. I also did a review of their “MK1 VR6 Engine Swap Kit” I was really excited to check out this thermostat housing. It does a great job of fixing a common VW coolant leak issue.

About Eurowise
They are located in Charlotte, NC and specialize in maintenance, repair, and modifying all European cars. I had the pleasure to meet a lot of the guys down there. I can tell you they are awesome! Check them out:

Join me today as we break down:

  • About the Eurowise Aluminium Thermostat housing
  • What is in the box
  • Add on goodies
  • Finishing options from Eurowise
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • AAA VR6 Thermostat housing.
  • Learn more about the VR6 Engine.

Trouble Viewing? Watch “Eurowise VR6 Thermostat Housing Review ~ Video” on YouTube.


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