2015 Tiguan Short Term Review ~ Podcast Episode 84

Today you are joining me in the 2015 Tiguan for a short term review. This was a little bit of a tough review for me to do. There is a lot I like about the Tiguan. There is also a lot I want to like about the Tiguan, but just can’t seem to. I will keep doing Tiguan review updates through out the lease period. And for those of you that say I am a blind VW fan, this review will change your mind.

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Join me in the Tiguan as we discuss:

  • Current miles on the Tiguan
  • Average MPG I am seeing
  • Things that I really like about the Tiguan
  • Things that I am neutral on in the Tiguan
  • Things I don’t like about the Tiguan
  • One deal breaker for owning a 2015 Tiguan
  • Why most of it does’t matter
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “2015 Tiguan Short Term Review ~ Podcast Episode 84” on YouTube.2015 VW Tiguan S Review

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